In the Chinese Zodiac, the new year that started on 12th February is the Year of the Ox. The many qualities of the ox are believed to influence the year’s outcome: a symbol of hard work, positivity and honesty, the ox can bring long-awaited success and prosperity to 2021. 

The Consumer Goods Forum’s team in China is certainly leading the way to ensure the positive outcomes predicted do take place. Members in China have identified key areas impacting people, planet and businesses across the country and are now prioritising actions as part of the CGF’s Coalitions of Action. One of the many fronts that local members are supporting positive change can be seen in the Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) local group and its “One for Good” initiative. 

The beginning of the year has seen the team define the strategy and KPIs for their local work, along with the global CHL team, as well as welcoming new members. Some of the events ahead include the National Nutrition Week in May, the National Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Month in September, and CHL China’s second anniversary in the last trimester. Digital actions – involving gamification and the support of influencers – will support “One for Good” activities, and a summary of the best employee health practices from across our Chinese members will be produced. With a total of 10 retailers and platforms, 10 manufacturers and two other partners as key participants, the “One for Good” initiative will continue to work on its target of raising awareness of health and wellness. 

Chinese members are also actively supporting the Product Data Coalition Leapfrog Projects. 

Co-sponsored by Alibaba Group, RT-Mart and GS1 China, the China local group has completed the DataPorts Data Leapfrog phase of the project in the first quarter of 2021. Through the collaboration of consumer brands, including New Hope Liuhe, Mengniu and Bright Dairy, among others, the foundation for upstream and downstream commodity circulation is being established. For the year ahead, goals are to have more brand owners, distributors and manufacturers participate, increasing management efficiency. 400 branded products are already covered, with 2,000 products planned.

Steady and reliable work has also been done locally to increase awareness and lay down foundations for further development on other Coalitions of Action. The Sustainability China local group, composed of nine retailers and 10 manufacturers, focus mainly on Plastic Waste and Food Waste; and the Global Food Safety Initiative China has successfully supported the Global Markets Programme consultation.

Work done by the CGF local team, the China Board and the different local groups for Coalitions will be on the spotlight during the 10th edition of the GFSI China Focus Day, 19th July, and the China Day in November, when a progress report on the 2021 results and planning for the years ahead will be shared.

It’s a busy year ahead, with plenty of hard work and opportunities; a year that, placed under the sign of the ox, will see the perseverance and diligence of the work done on the ground pay off and bring prosperity and positive outcomes.I am excited by what we are doing in China and the role China is now playing across the broader membership. We have much to learn, but we also have much to share. I look forward to seeing where 2021 takes us. 

Gong xi fa cai! * 

* Wishing you great happiness and prosperity.  

This blog was written and contributed by:

Yang Ying Xu

General Manager

CGF China