A formidable first for microwaveable food as well as for stand-up pouch packaging

Amcor & Mars Food partnered to introduce more sustainable packaging for microwavable rice pouches

The path to more sustainable packaging and products is one that needs to be paved by ambition, collaboration and innovation. For Mars Food and global packaging company Amcor, this means significant investment in research and development to create more sustainable packaging solutions that help deliver a circular economy where packaging doesn’t become waste.

Earlier this year, Amcor’s partnership with Mars Food brought to market the first recyclable food-safe, microwavable rice pouch. The breakthrough packaging was the result of a three-year collaboration between the two companies. The new pack is made using Amcor’s proprietary AmLite HeatFlex® technology which allows Mars Food’s ready-to-heat rice pouches to retain its shape, long shelf-life, functionality and high safety standards whilst adding the benefit of being easier to recycle. These Polypropylene-based (PP) pouches can be easily recycled within plastic collection streams already existing in several European countries*, and are compatible with both mechanical and chemical recycling.

Amcor’s unique R&D and sustainability strategy is creating many new packaging innovations that spark demand for expanded collection and recycling infrastructure for consumers. The company is committed to remaining the packaging partner of choice for forward-thinking brands looking for innovative solutions that will reduce waste in the environment and increase consumer recycling. Its approach is to continue to work in partnership with brands – like Mars Food – to deliver packaging that meets the needs of consumers, especially on sustainability.

Mars Food accelerated the development of the new pouch through rigorous testing and conducted significant scale up tests in its production facilities in the UK, challenging what was previously considered possible throughout the production process. Working in collaboration with Amcor, it then ensured the material development met all functional requirements while protecting product quality and safety.

The companies share a vision to support a circular economy where packaging doesn’t become waste. Mars and Amcor are pleased to be members of The Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) Coalition of Action on Plastic Waste, which is committed to engaging in the important effort of driving progress towards realising a low-waste, circular economy, in line with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s vision for a New Plastics Economy. In July, the Coalition launched its full set of Golden Design Rules, for the design of plastic packaging, created to accelerate progress towards using less and better plastic.

This project moves Amcor closer to achieving its pledge to develop all its packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2025. For further information on Amcor’s approach to more sustainable packaging, and how Amcor partners with brands to deliver packaging innovations, visit: www.amcor.com/sustainability

Similarly, this breakthrough packaging solution forms part of Mars’ Sustainable Packaging Plan, which outlines the business’ commitment to achieve 100% recyclable, compostable or reusable packaging by 2025.  For further information on Mars’ approach to more sustainable packaging, visit www.mars.com/sustainability-plan/healthy-planet/sustainable-packaging.