This impact story is part of a collection of narratives that bring to life some of the complex challenges Forest Positive Coalition members are facing on our forest positive journey and our lessons learned. We’re committed to creating a culture of transparency and accountability, and these stories are just a glimpse of our ongoing efforts. We invite you to delve deeper into our 2023 Annual Report for more insights on this Coalition’s activities and progress, “Perspectives on Progress: Challenges and Insights on the Way to Forest Positive” – due to be published 18 October 2023

Member/implementing partners:
  • APP
  • Nestlé
  • Sodexo
  • Winrock

Coalition members Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), Nestlé, and Sodexo have supported Winrock in driving a transformational shift in sustainable peatland and forest management in Siak, Indonesia. Through extensive multi-stakeholder, community-based consultation, stakeholders led by Winrock have developed a draft Master Plan for preservation and conservation of peatlands, with potential carbon revenue, while boosting economic development and improving local livelihoods. This landscape also contributes to achieving the shared Green Siak vision for the district, launched in 2018.

Members have funded on-the-ground initiatives to ensure that community livelihoods are integrated with ecological preservation. Funded activities include capacity-building trainings for local village enterprises to develop business models in wetland conservation for intact tracks of peatland, and initiatives that promote the implementation of wetland tolerant crops, forestry, and aquaculture for already-degraded peatlands. Coalition members have also provided input on the Master Plan draft and supporting documents, and worked with Winrock to understand greenhouse gas emissions and the potential for carbon sequestration in the project area

Members have noted that the Coalition has been instrumental in connecting companies at different points in the value chain in this initiative through co-investment and knowledge-sharing. Participating Coalition members represent manufacturers, service providers, and production-adjacent companies. APP, a member with on-the-ground operations in this region, brings an understanding of the local landscape to this initiative and has noted that the Coalition has played an important role in building their knowledge of how to best work hand-in-hand with landscape-level stakeholders. 

4K hectares mapped in the project location, including 500 hectares of peatland mapped in-detail for restoration

In the process of building buy-in from local community and government stakeholders for draft 20-year master plan for peatland preservation and conservation

Members will continue to work with implementing partners to support sustainable livelihoods for local communities in the long term.


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