While the work of the Coalition is now central to work taking place under the End-to-End Value Chain umbrella, there are other facets to our work where members can engage.


Learn more about The Consumer Goods Forum’s End-to-End Value Chain initiative and Product Data Coalition in this close-up video with director Ruediger Hagedorn.

E2E Induction Programme

We use a variety of channels to communicate with our wider membership through the E2E induction programme consisting of: Learning Series, SpringBoards, Blogposts, Podcasts and Micro-challenges

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Learning Series





E2E Store: The Online Marketplace for Innovative Projects

Our Innovation Marketplace is all about bringing innovative solutions direct to our retail and manufacturing members. We provide a one-stop shop to explore some of the leading innovations addressing some of the biggest challenges facing supply chains and store managers, and then help connect the relevant parties. Click here to check the pilots and learn more.

Key Projects

E2E is constantly piloting and evaluating new disruptive technologies and process designs. These include projects like:


To make interconnectivity and the easy exchange of data possible, we need to simplify the identification of every individual company that plays a role in the supply chain. This can be done by using a clear, unique electronic passport connected to every individual facility that is an actor in a supply chain.

True-code will, therefore, help provide clear and accurate data to consumers, secure your supply chains and prove your company’s commitment to sustainability, safety and traceability.


This project is addressing four major layers of common issues in logistics operations – sustainability, smarter cities, new technologies and operational excellence.

Excess Packaging

Given the ever-increasing drive for more sustainable processes in logistics, our new workstream is looking at how we can lower the impact of tertiary packaging on the environment (B2B).