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As more and more organizations commit to Net Zero targets, they must understand and tackle their Scope 3 emissions – the emissions that occur in a company’s value chain, upstream and downstream.

To address the unique difficulties of baselining, tracking, and reducing Scope 3 emissions, ENGIE and C3 AI developed ENGIE Ellipse Scope 3: a novel digital tool for continuous, automated calculation and insight identification across Scope 3 categories.

The ENGIE Ellipse Scope 3 application enables the automated, real-time calculation of Scope 3 emissions from existing source system activity data. It unlocks multi-dimensional analyses across plants, product lines, vendors, activities, business units and regions.

It was developed by leveraging the capabilities of C3, a leading enterprise AI software provider for building enterprise-scale AI applications and accelerating digital transformation, and ENGIE, the world’s largest independent power producer and a leader in the carbon transition.

ENGIE Ellipse Scope 3 leverages C3 AI’s proven supply chain data model, data connectors, and AI/ML analytics capabilities to enable near real-time tracking and optimization of Scope 3 emissions; it also draws on ENGIE’s world-class expertise in GHG accounting and its proprietary library of Scope 3 emission factors. The application represents a highly differentiated solution for delivering actionable insights and supplier engagement for large and complex corporations.

Showcase Highlights

The ENGIE Ellipse Scope 3 application includes the following features:

  • – Continuous Data Ingestion – Connect with all enterprise source systems (e.g., ERP, CRM, EHS) and external libraries to continuously calculate Scope 3 emissions
    – Emissions Baselining – Convert, categorize, and normalise all operational activities into emissions (CO2, CH4, SO2, N2O) using configurable KPIs, benchmarking, and metric visualisations
    – Multi-Methodology, Automated Calculation – Automate the calculation of Scope 3 emissions by continuously prioritising among multiple GHGP-supported methodologies based on data availability
    – Automated Reporting – Automatically populate reports and demonstrate progress against objectives for internal/external communications (e.g., CDP report) and audits
    – Actionable AI-enabled Insights – Apply AI to identify Scope 3 reduction opportunities, recommend highest-value actions and engage suppliers to minimize climate impact
  • – CapEx Projects – Assemble, prioritise, and manage a portfolio of sustainability capital projects that maximise emissions reductions while being in line with financial objectives
    – Integration with the full ENGIE Ellipse Suite – Integrate seamlessly with ENGIE’s Ellipse Scope 1 & 2 module to create a holistic image of a company’s carbon footprint

Why It’s Important

engie-impact-ellipse-screenshot-imageConsumer-facing brands are facing fast-growing pressures to demonstrate their commitment to climate action. This pressure is coming from investors, who are setting higher requirements; from employees, who expect corporate leadership to tackle climate change; from regulation, which is becoming increasingly stringent; from risk management, with climate change risks having increasingly severe and frequent impact, and from competition, setting new standards. Net Zero is fast emerging as an industry standards, requiring companies to go beyond Scope 1 and Scope 2, and to develop a comprehensive Scope 3 strategy. 

The screenshot will help you vizualise the interface of the ENGIE Ellipse Scope 3 application. We built it to offer power analytical capabilities and a user friendly interface, and to support decision-making and tracking.

How to Benefit

This pilot is designed to offer a no-regret move to companies interested in taking action on their scope 3. For a heavily discounted fee of 30,000 Euro, you have the opportunity to experience the capabilities of a cutting edge platform, onboard and analyse key supplier and capital goods data (categories 1 and 2), and let our experts help your team understand how to leverage it to craft a plan for supplier engagement and a comprehensive Scope 3 strategy, over a period of six months.

This pilot aims to help client organisations get started in their Scope 3 journey, identify a tangible path forward to engage their suppliers, and develop a more comprehensive Scope 3 strategy.

We will do so by helping client organisations analyse two key Scope 3 categories, category #1 (Purchased Goods and Services) and category #2 (Capital Goods), using the Ellipse platform to:

  • Gather and calculate Scope 3 data from up to 5 enterprise source systems for categories 1 and 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • Improve Scope 3 calculations through a proprietary emissions library and multiple calculation methodologies
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to model the impact and cost of supplier-specific mitigation scenarios

The pilot will require minimal engagement from the client organisation. Data onboarding and analyses will be supporting by our experts.

Meet the Team

To carry out this project, we put together a cross functional team that will be able to see this effort through. It includes:

  • Scope 3 Advising: Mark Chadwick, Managing Director
  • Onboarding and Program Management: Michelle Irving, Sr. Director Client Fulfillment
  • Business Development: Gibson Peters, Sr. Manager Business Development 
  • Marketing: Raevyn West, Sr. Director, Growth Marketing
How You Can Support

For a heavily discounted fee of 30,000 EUR paid upon contract signature, clients will receive access to ENGIE Ellipse Scope 3, a cutting edge software developed by C3 and ENGIE, two important thought leaders in sustainability and tech, as well as to consulting resources to support data onboarding, the interpretation of the data, and the development of high-level supplier engagement and comprehensive Scope 3 plans.

The pilot is organised over a period of six months, generating quick results and offering companies the ability to quickly get started on their Scope 3 journey, assess results, and consider more ambitious steps.

    To Learn More Information, Please Contact:

    Gibson Peters