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Motion-Mining® enables automated and anonymous measuring and analysis of manual processes (e.g. logistics, production, hospitals) using sensors (wearables and beacons) and AI. Through a holistic approach, both efficiency and ergonomics can be analysed and optimised. This solution is offered both as a service and as a product solution (enabling customers to independently collect and analyse data).

Showcase Highlights

The key highlights of the Motion Miners’ service include:

  • – Holistic analysis of efficiency and ergonomics
  • – No integration into the operational IT necessary
  • – Time savings through automatic recording and analysis
  • – Complete anonymisation of the collected employee data
  • – Fast ROI

How To Benefit

Below is a case study of Motion Miners in action to illustrate the benefits of working with us:

As one of the first projects, a use case for the automatic analysis of manual processes in the logistics centre of wholesaler Blumenbecker in Beckum was selected. With the help of sensors and machine learning algorithms, reliable data on ergonomics and efficiency is collected – and thus clear potential for improvement is revealed.

Blumenbecker Industriebedarf GmbH is a classic full-range supplier with a number of specialised departments. The very modern 3,500 square metre logistics centre in Beckum has a range of up to 100,000 articles from the industrial trade sector. This is where not only the Blumenbecker branches are served, but also orders from e-commerce.

Motion-Mining® in Practice

The project was completed in just two months from kick-off to the final presentation of results. For the so-called Motion-Mining®, the automated measurement and analysis of manual activities, four employees per shift took part in the project, two docking stations were used, 106 so-called beacons were positioned, 85 relevant areas were defined and per employee up to 5.5 km walking distance and 1,000 bending movements per shift were tracked over one working week.

The tracking is carried out with the help of mobile sensors which the employee wears on his belt and wrist. Using beacons and a Mobile Device, the position is recorded and stored and uploaded at the end of the shift in a docking station. The raw data is then analysed using a deep learning algorithm developed by MotionMiners.

All picking areas at Blumenbecker, such as the preparation of the picking trolleys, shelving (incl. multi-storey system), pallet racks, hazardous goods, bulky goods and the office were part of this recording. In addition, the special areas of pallet replenishment, catalogues, printers, drop-off points, incoming goods, team leader office, returns area and purchasing were also included in this extensive analysis. 

Data protection is an important and sensitive issue when collecting this motion data. The measurement methodology developed by MotionMiners guarantees that the data is collected and evaluated anonymously. An allocation to individual persons is therefore not possible at any time. In addition, the entire project was carried out in close consultation and agreement with the Blumenbecker works council. This, and the simple handling of the measuring equipment, resulted in an excellent level of acceptance among the employees involved.

Impressive Results and In-Depth Recommendations for Action

As part of a concluding presentation, MotionMiners and META presented the results to Sebastian Rustige, strategic head of central logistics, and Matthias Frisse, logistics manager in the central warehouse, the project managers at Blumenbecker. Using heatmaps to illustrate movements in the warehouse and box-plot diagrams to show time shares of the activities on the picking tours, impressive optimization possibilities about efficiency and ergonomics were shown. Possible increases in efficiency of up to 40% in individual areas and recommendations for a significant reduction of bending movements are the results of this analysis. Thanks to the comprehensive Motion-Mining®, the start-up MotionMiners was able to specify recommendations for action that should be implemented either in the short, medium or long term – in detail including the investment to be made and the expected ROI.


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Consulting projects start at about 30,000 € depending on scope (Efficiency and/or Ergonomics, no. of Employees, no. of processes, size of, location, duration of measurement)

The product solution (Manual Process Intelligence) starts at about 25,000 € /year depending on the amount of hardware required.

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