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A Place for Young Leaders to Network & Thrive

The FLP exists to create a network of young leaders that together can build a sustainable future for the consumer goods industry.

To build the next generation of your executive team, it is no longer enough to identify the great communicators, financiers or project managers; you must make sure they understand how to recognise the shifts in business needs, consumer and technology, and that they commit to realising the vision of the industry for a better world.

Enter the FLP. Our mission is to help your company prepare your fast-track leaders for the challenges in their careers, as they rise to the next level. We have developed a global network of young leaders, who have already earned the right to represent their companies at the global level.



Our approach is two-fold:

  • The FLP Conference, where our network meets annually to engage in leadership sessions from key CEOs, thought leaders and innovators; peer-to-peer hands-on workshops led by internationally-recognised industry experts; external visits to see purpose driven companies in practice; and networking sessions attended by peers as well as industry experts and CEOs.
  • An online community called the FLP Network, hosted in Workplace, is at the core of the FLP experience: it is the tool that brings all FLPers together. Exclusive to FLP Conference alumni from CGF member companies, the life-long access to the FLP Network gives them a chance to discuss trends, insights and challenges among peers and to have a unique access to CEOs via webinars and exclusive content.
The Ideal FLP Candidate

Candidates who best correspond to the selection criteria will be most able to contribute to, and benefit from, the FLP community.

We know great leaders never stop learning. Their development continues throughout their lives and the context in which they lead is always changing. The FLP seeks out and promotes the most up to date strategic insight, best practice exchanges around operations and the most compelling and relevant senior leadership lessons for high potential leaders who are acquiring their first divisional or functional management responsibilities.

FLP’s Core Values

We are committed to the CGF’s vision for a sustainable future.

We build the foundations for collaboration amongst the next generation of consumer industry leaders.

We believe in the power of external networks to enrich both individual companies and the industry as a whole.

We support leadership learnings at a critical stage in fast-track careers

We encourage programme members to be ambassadors for both their employers and the industry.

The Berlin Executive Summary
All the insights, takeaways and learnings from the latest edition, and see why you can’t afford to miss the next one!
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Retailer Participation

The FLP exists to create a network of young leaders that together can build a sustainable future for the consumer goods industry. Everyone involved, including the delegates, are committed to helping us tackle how and why. This is why I will continue to send my rising stars to this great event, and I encourage you to do the same: for everyone’s future.