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Inspiring the Leaders of Tomorrow

At The Consumer Goods Forum, one of our core missions is to create networks that act as powerful platforms for collaboration and as the leading drivers of positive change across our membership and the industry as a whole.

One of the most important ways we can help ensure sustainable, long-term change within the FMCG industry is to develop the next generation of leaders and help them optimise their sense of leadership with purpose. The best way to achieve this is through learning and networking: exposing future leaders to CEOs and leading experts, creating compelling interactive workshops and store tours, and fostering lifelong connections between rising stars who are destined to become the CEOs and senior executives of the future.

What is the FLP Network?

To help us get there, we have been evolving the FLP into a global, exclusive, year-round network of young leaders, which includes both an online community and in-person events, culminating in the annual FLP Conference – to be held back-to-back (15th-17th June 2020, London) with the Global Summit in 2020, to maximise exposure of future leaders to current CEOs.

Going from “an event with a community” to “a community with events”, the FLP keeps the commitment it has established since its creation 65 years ago: helping the future leaders of the consumer goods industry connect, build lifelong relationships and establish global networks of trusted peers.


The online community, hosted in Workplace, is at the core of the FLP network: it is the tool that brings all FLPers together, giving them a chance to discuss trends, insights and challenges.


The online community welcomes organic conversations that evolve from those participating in the community, while CEOs and conference speakers also participate in exclusive webinars and live chats. Participants also have access to other content, surveys and conversations that are exclusive to the online community.


Participants should be ready to actively participate in the discussions, exchange ideas and attend or organise local chapters and meetings. The value of the network will rely on the active participation of the FLP community, so participants should come ready to get involved. We don’t accept passengers!


Who is the Ideal FLP Candidate?

In order to maximise the value of the network for participants, we are looking for the very best young leaders who have a proven track-record on the issues that matter most and who don’t shy away from representing their companies on a global arena.

To be a lifelong participant of this exclusive network, you must be one of our talented conference alumni and from a company member of The Consumer Goods Forum.

We believe that candidates who best correspond to this criteria will be most able to contribute to, and benefit from, the FLP community.

As we transition into a more selective approach, you can count on us to guide you through the candidate selection process. Our aim is to build the elite future leaders’ network for the global consumer goods industry.

Download the FLP Ideal Candidate Criteria

Where to Find the Online Community?

The FLP Network is hosted in Workplace, on a closed, multi-company, by-invitation only group.

Workplace is an internal communications tool developed by Facebook, and is used by companies around the world, including many CGF member companies. The professional account created in Workplace is completely distinct from a personal Facebook account.

How to Access the Online Community?

The FLP Network in Workplace is open to FLP Conference current and former delegates from member companies of The Consumer Goods Forum.

If you correspond to this criteria and would like to join, please send us an email ; we will verify your request and send you an invitation link.

Download the Quick Access Guide to the FLP Network