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Sharing Knowledge and Solutions for a Post-Covid World

The world is in the middle of a crisis like nothing most of us have ever experienced and our industry is at the centre of it.

In a few short months, the beliefs that we shared about leadership priorities in the industry have been fundamentally challenged. The immediate crisis has made us rethink everything that we considered normal or best-in-class. We have all had to adapt very quickly in order to continue to give consumers access to essential products. And we have had fundamentally to rethink how we assure the safety of both shoppers and staff colleagues.

Our industry has risen to these challenges in extraordinary and inspiring ways – as is clear from the many hundred examples of positive, industry-led best practices that the CGF has helped to showcase.

But we believe that now is the time to look ahead, beyond the immediate crisis, to begin to shape the kind of leadership that our companies – and our industry collectively – will need in a world with Covid-19. First and foremost, what will it take to build trust in this world – trust with consumers but crucially also trust with our employees? How should we go about securing our supply chains and adapting to big shifts in channel mix? Most acutely for members of the CGF, how should we lead on positive change – should we back off from sustainability or double down on it?

To that end, we have assembled an exceptional group of industry leaders and global experts to help us.  Collectively, they will discuss how they see this context and its implications, while also responding to your questions.

Join us for this exclusive webinar series, specifically designed for CGF members to help you and your company prepare for the new consumer industry after Covid-19. 

Featured Speakers




Please check the full webinars programme. As you select the ones you would like to attend, you will find a link to register on the description of each webinar session.

The Virtual Knowledge Series is open exclusively to member companies of The Consumer Goods Forum. Please note that seats are limited and registrations will be manually approved.

Unless noted otherwise on the session description, recordings will be available via your Members’ Space dashboard a few days after each webinar.

We believe the unique learning and networking experience of attending the Global Summit would be very difficult to replicate in a totally virtual environment. This series is an attempt to bring our members valuable discussions around topics that will be crucial for our industry to build the “New Normal” after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

No. The VKS sessions are open to all CGF members who register, no costs involved.  

If you have any further questions concerning the webinars, please send a message to gtw-cgfevents@theconsumergoodsforum.com.

If your question is about your company’s membership, you can check here or contact membership@theconsumergoodsforum.com.

Setting the Scene

Top Class Webinars as Part of June's Virtual Knowledge Series

“Exclusively reserved for our members, the June Virtual Knowledge Series is seen as coming at a critical time for our industry. We have spent the last few months sharing best practices on how our industry has been mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on our employees, shoppers, consumers and supply chains. However, now we need to look more in-depth on what the “new normal” is post-Covid, how our industry can continue to drive positive change in key areas and how we can begin to shape the kind of leadership that our industry needs and our employees and consumers demand”.


“We all have a role to play in creating positive change, therefore I invite you to join us at the CGF’s Virtual Knowledge Series. The future is close at hand and uniting to shape it will be our legacy.” 


“To rethink collective action for people and the planet, particularly when our Consumer Goods industry is at the center of an unprecedented challenge, I invite you to join us at the CGF’s Virtual Knowledge Series.”