As Employee Wellbeing becomes a new topic in Danone’s corporate agenda, questions arise on how to embed it into the company culture. Beyond employee awareness sessions, employee assistance programs, fruit baskets and mindfulness training, how can we engage management and all employees into a cultural journey and monitor continuous improvement of wellbeing at work?

To this purpose, Danone leverages the existing “Behavior-Based” safety program, implemented throughout the entire company since 2003. Addressing physical and mental risks in an integrated approach is the reason why as of 2016, Danone evolved its Wise Safety Programme into Wise², in order to address Health and Wellbeing.

Danone is progressively:

  • Including mental health incidents in its employee risk pyramid, with the conviction that all incidents are preventable;
  • Making clear that wellbeing is everybody’s responsibility, including employees, managers, organisation, and building on its existing safety referential to create an integrated wellbeing and safety cultural referential;
  • Considering fatigue, rushing, frustration as risk factors that deserve being prevented through healthy work practices, in the same way that work at height, driving, hazardous risks are prevented through the application of relevant standards. Structuring its wellbeing activities/healthy work practices in 5 pillars, including: Proximity management, sustainable pace, healthy ways of working, healthy lifestyle & work environment, valuing daily work
  • Monitoring the progression of its local operations along a wellbeing maturity curve.

While Danone’s ‘Safety Journey’ is at a maturity stage and has considerably improved employee safety, wellbeing is getting started.

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