Sharing Together to Effect Change

The Global Learning Mechanism (GLM) is about sharing knowledge and best practices in order to effect change globally. Phase 1 of the launch was dedicated to insights and actions around COVID-19, and having transitioned into phase 2 and looking forward, we want to inspire businesses to make it easier for people to live healthier, and empower people to make the change they need for themselves and their families. 

To achieve this, the GLM follows a set of Content Management Principles that will ensure all content added to the resources centre will support us on our mission. Our resources will cover the below key content types. And, if you’d like to submit content to be included on our platform, please email us at

Detailed reports that provide data and insights and help to dissect specific challenges.

Company-led case studies about actions being implemented and key learnings.

News that provides high-level examples of actions by consumer goods retailers and brands that support healthier lives.

Content Management Principles

  • The Global Learning Mechanism is a new resource curated and managed by The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF). Operating with transparency, the GLM aims to support the Collaboration for Healthier Lives learning journey to empower people to live healthier lives and drive shared business value.
  • Content should reflect the efforts of the Collaboration for Healthier Lives local initiatives, and other strategic health and wellbeing programmes taking place around the world, facilitating knowledge-sharing across industry as well as cross-sector exchange and collaboration with the aim to inform action and impact at scale.
  • Content may also include reports and insights that support crisis management related to global health emergency situations such as Covid-19.
  • Materials shared may include trends in health and wellness, insights on behaviour change, examples of cross-sector partnerships and reports on other initiatives whose goals align with CHL and other strategic health and wellbeing programmes taking place around the world. This may include both successful and unsuccessful projects and a wide variety of ideas from which valuable lessons can be drawn.
  • Content must be responsible and respectful to all parties, set out to facilitate the debate and advance our knowledge.
  • Promotional material will not be considered.
  • The CGF is not responsible for content produced by third-party organisations. The CGF reserves the right to edit or remove content at any time, aligned with the principles laid out here.

Check out the full library of publications, news, reports, case studies and much more than make up the Global Learning Mechanism. Visit our resources pages to see what actions are inspiring businesses and people around the world.

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