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Getting the Fundamentals Right

In order to achieve a collaborative leadership role, our industry must also do the fundamentals right. This dimension of our global Health & Wellness Framework represents what companies should be doing to meet our ongoing commitments, and we will continue to support members taking action in these areas. They focus on Marketing Communications to Children, Product Formulation and Consumer Product Information.



We also expect members to be transparent in both their communications and their reporting. We continue to host webinars, led by our members who are looking to share their expertise and best practices on these subjects, and produce resources such as guidelines and toolkits to support members in the implementation of these actions. We are also openly discussing them at key industry events like the Sustainable Retail Summit.


Marketing Comms to Children

Our industry needs to acknowledge the role of marketing communications aimed at children and the impact it can have. With our 2014 public commitment, CGF members committed to refraining from marketing to children products that do not fulfil specific nutrition criteria. CGF members can and must take the leadership role in a sensible approach to marketing communications to children.

CGF Health & Wellness Product Formulation
Product Formulation

The rationale for working on nutrition and product formulations and/or reformulations is to ensure that the composition of our product portfolios evolve with the scientific evidence that support national and international dietary and health recommendations.

Consumer Product Information

It’s important to provide consumers with the choice and information that empowers them to make decisions for a healthy life. Our members accept the importance of clarity and transparency, fact-based information and harmonisation as we look to address today’s public health challenges and meet the consumers’ desire to live healthier and be more active.

Ongoing Commitments

Learn more about the ongoing, public commitments made by our members via the 2011 resolutions and 2014 commitments.


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