The CGF is delighted to contribute to the Future of Food campaign with an article written by Ruediger Hagedorn, Director End-to-End Value Chain. The article focuses on the potential of blockchain technology, highlighting the pros and cons on the implementation of this technology to food supply chains. While Ruediger suggests that blockchain could provide a solution to food fraud with its shared ledger system, he also stresses that blockchain rarely offers an all-in-one solution and companies need to review the return on investment should blockchain be implemented. The print version was distributed within copies of USA Today.

The Future of Food campaign, devised by Mediaplanet and featuring celebrity chef  Jamie Oliver, aims to explore how technology is changing our relationship with food by highlighting innovations in technology, corporate responsibility and best practices in the changing food landscape.

Contributors to the campaign include the Institute of Food Technologists, National Restaurant Association, Consumer Goods Forum, Meals on Wheels, Feeding America, Project Angel Heart, Caviar, Heifer International, NovAtel, Scanbuy, Hungry Harvest, Food Recovery Network and King Arthur Flower.

For the digital version of the article, please visit: What does Blockchain Offer Food Industry Leaders?

For more information on the Future of Food Campaign, please visit Mediaplanet’s Modern Wellness Guide.