To tackle some of today’s biggest data exchange challenges, The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) formed its Product Data Coalition of Action at the start of 2020. The Coalition brings together retailer and manufacturer members of the CGF to drive the critical work towards the global implementation of a unique product identification system. In addition, the Coalition aims to ensure that all IDs can be verified in real time, and that all retailers, manufacturers, and platforms follow a common Global Data Model by 2022.

Leading the Coalition from the retailer end to address the most pressing weaknesses in current data exchange processes is End-to-End Value Chain / Product Data Coalition Co-Chair Tom Rose, Head of International Operations at SPAR International. Tom recently sat down with standards organisation GS1 Netherlands for an interview about his Co-Chair role, and to unpack how more value can be generated for the industry and for consumers through consistent, accurate product data.

In the interview, Tom discusses the shifts in the need for data in an increasingly digitised society and economy, the growing direct connection between business and consumers, how through collaboration, the industry can shape the future in a way that drives benefits for all, ways in which consumer trends can be identified using artificial intelligence, and more!

On the benefits of working collaboratively within the CGF, Tom said, “By making agreements jointly with retailers, suppliers and marketplaces we can give direction to the future. There are many initiatives that SPAR and other food retailers can do individually. But by working together, including with suppliers, we can achieve so much more. Together we can shape the future in such a way that we all benefit.”

Read the full article here and find out more about the Product Data Coalition of Action here.

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