The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Director of Environmental Sustainability, Ignacio Gavilan, was featured in a recent article published by the HuffingtonPost about innovation and advancements made by the consumer goods industry to tackle the environmental, financial and social costs of the global food waste challenge.

In the article, entitled “Would You Eat Food Waste to Help Tackle the Climate Crisis? These Companies Are Betting on It,” Ignacio discusses the food waste problem, the urgent need for industry action and the value of post-harvest level supplier engagement, the latter being one of the top priorities for the CGF’s Food Waste Coalition of Action.

Ignacio said the environmental cost of food waste is “outrageous,” giving the example of how about 70% of the freshwater withdrawals in the world go into agriculture. “If we’re wasting one-third of the produce that gets harvested in the world, we’re wasting that water as well,” he said.

He also spoke about the urgent need for companies to act on this issue and why initiatives like the CGF’s Food Waste Coalition of Action are critically important: “For companies to truly tackle waste in their supply chain ― whether that’s during harvesting or by how it’s sold in the store ― the issue needs to be “top of mind” for CEOs and boards of directors.”

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