On 5th – 7th September, The Consumer Goods Forum’s Environmental Sustainability Director, Ignacio Gavilan attended the 19th Congreso Nacional Avícola (National Poultry Congress) in Bucaramanga, Colombia. The annual event, organised by Fenavi – Federación Nacional de Avicultores de Colombia (Colombian National Federation of Aviculturists), provided a space for more than 1600 delegates from all over Latin America and the United States of America to share and discuss current issues in animal protein production and Colombian poultry farming. The opening ceremony was attended by the country’s President, Iván Duque Márquez and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Andrés Valencia Pinzón. 

On the final day of conference, Ignacio spoke about the repercussions for the environment, in particular the deforestation risk, of production at scale of commodities such as soy, and the need to have more traceable and transparent systems for commodity production. He then spoke about broader sustainability challenges in the consumer goods industry, and the current transformation taking place in the industry which are largely sparked by a change in consumer habits. He spoke about how the industry has seen an increased demand for sustainable products, and the different factors considered by consumers such as agricultural sustainability, good business practices, animal welfare, packaging choices.