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The Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) Health & Wellness Pillar took part in the second Well Ageing Society Summit Asia, held in Tokyo, Japan on 16th – 17th October 2019. Attended by government representatives, private sector, healthcare companies, start-ups, investors, and other key stakeholders, delegates came together with the common goal of building a collaborative relationship in tackling health issues of ageing societies. The international event, organised by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), covered two principle focus areas: quality digital health, as well as elderly support and preventive healthcare.

During a panel discussion on nutrition, CGF Health & Wellness Director, Pauline Harper, presented the Pillar’s Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) initiative. CHL, a key project of the Health & Wellness Pillar, aims to empower consumers to adopt healthier lifestyle choices while driving shared business value. The initiative is active in 9 countries, including Japan, where retailers, manufacturers and other key stakeholders have joined forces to address global health challenges within their communities.

The panel session, designed as a pre-event for the Nutrition for Growth Summit to be held in Tokyo in 2020, provided a space for experts to not only share knowledge and best practices, but also to discuss expectations and opportunities for collaboration in preparation for the event. Moderated by Dr. Nakamura Chouji, Head of Japan Dietetic Association, the panel discussion also included insights from Dr. Kaminota Masahiro, Director, Health Service Division, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare; Dr. Abe Keiichi, Head of National Institute of Health and Nutrition of Japan; and Ms. Niwa Masumi, President of Designer’s Foods.

Commenting on CHL and global health and nutrition challenges in absentia, CGF Health & Wellness Co-Chair, Isabelle Grosmaitre, said, “We believe today that we are at tipping point. We know what is at stake and malnutrition is a major burden. Two billion people are obese and overweight. How can we feed 10 billion people with a healthy and sustainable diet? … No transformation can be done without business. No transformation can be done unless we start to act collectively to ensure impact at scale. We, as business, need to team up with governments, NGOs and academics to make it happen collectively”.



CGF participation at the Well Ageing Society Summit Asia marks an essential milestone in the Health & Wellness Pillar’s mission of working towards ensuring empowered, healthy consumers globally. The extension of a healthier lifespans in Japan is a critical issue also facing multiple societies worldwide, and the opportunity to connect with diverse health stakeholders from across the globe is in line with the CGF’s collaborative approach. The CGF’s Health & Wellness Pillar looks forward to further strengthened collaborations leading up to Tokyo 2020 and thanks Tetsu Tomonaga, Director, Membership Asia-Pacific, for his work in facilitating CGF participation in this key event.