The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF)’s Japan Sustainability Local Group (JSLG), WRI 10x20x30 Food Waste Reduction Initiative Japan Project and Save the Children Japan have agreed to collaborate and conduct this supporting program in July and December 2022 and will provide “Children’s Food Support Boxes” to families in financial difficulties (3,200 families each time). This will be the second year, following 2021, that the three parties will collaborate to provide “Children’s Food Support Boxes” during children’s long vacation periods. As we seek to coexist with the new coronavirus infection, and with growing concerns about global security and rising prices, securing food for children has become a major issue for families in economically difficult circumstances.

Volunteer companies are promoting various initiatives to advance sustainable production and consumption to achieve the SDGs, including the effective use of food in various ways. “Children’s Food Support Boxes” started as a domestic emergency relief activity of Covid-19 working to create a framework for support by utilizing potential food loss in the event of an emergency. This year’s “Children’s Food Support Boxes” was implemented as part of Save the Children’s efforts to solve the problem of child poverty in Japan. By collaborating with each of the three organizations, Save the Children aims to expand the scale of activities, provide a variety of assortments, and operate efficiently, all of which would be difficult for a single organization or company to achieve. In addition, employees of cooperating companies will volunteer to pack boxes to build a foundation for volunteer activities in the event of an emergency.

24 companies – AEON, AEON Food Supply, Ajinomoto, Ajinomoto AGF, Asahi Group Japan, Cargill Japan, Hikari Miso, ITO EN, Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative Union, Kikkoman, Kirin Beverage, Lawson, LOTTE, Meiji Holdings, Morinaga, MORINAGA MILK INDUSTRY, National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations(ZEN-NOH), Nestlé Japan, Nichirei Foods, Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Pasco Shikishima Corporation, POKKA SAPPORO FOOD & BEVERAGE, S&B Foods, Yamato Transport – confirmed their involvement in the initiative with food donations or services. 3,200 boxes are packed to be distributed to 3,200 families from the end of July. 

The CGF today counts 63 Japan members, working mainly on Sustainability, Health & Wellness (CHL) and GFSI. The Japan Sustainability Local Group consists of four separate working groups: Social, Plastic Waste, Food Waste and Palm Oil. The Japan Food Waste Working Group has 11 members and is led by AEON.