An article written by The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Director of Sustainability, Ignacio Gavilan, was published in The Grocer about the scale and implications of the global food waste problem, the role that the consumer goods industry can play to resolve it, and the actions that the members of CGF’s Food Waste Coalition are taking. The article was published during WRAP’s Food Waste Action week on March 5th.

In the article entitled “How grocery can unite to take meaningful action on food waste”, Ignacio discusses the steps that companies can take to tackle food waste. Measuring and publicly reporting is key, as well as working first-hand with suppliers to identify and address any cases of loss at specific points of the supply chain is important. Another part of the solution for retailers, supermarkets and other food businesses, Ignacio writes, is to divert unavoidable food surplus to people in need.

The article also discusses the role of collaborative efforts, especially that of the CGF’s Food Waste Coalition of Action, to address this issue by taking swift action that will drive long-term results:

“Collaboration between organisations, to share learnings and accelerate best practice, is hugely important. That’s why The Consumer Goods Forum’s Food Waste Coalition brings together 21 of the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers – including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Unilever – to cut global food loss at retailer and consumer levels. The Coalition is all about joining forces to drive change, underpinned by tangible commitments – with members working to align themselves on the most effective methods of measurement and reporting, supply chain engagement and loss prevention.”

Ignacio reflects on the significance of WRAP’s Food Waste Action Week, and writes that it is a “hugely welcome milestone to push the issue up the agenda”. Maintaining momentum is essential, he writes, with the help of the first ever United Nations Food Systems Summit this autumn.

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