Collaboration for Healthier Lives: an Industry-Community Partnership Blueprint

The Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) US team have today published their new report, highlighting the actions and results of their in-store activations since the program was re-launched in 2019. The CHL US team is the fourth local team to publish a report on their initiative, following the recent report launches of the teams in China, France and the UK. The report was developed with the support of global management consulting firm, Oliver Wyman.

The US program was first launched in September 2017 in Hagerstown, Maryland, with the aim of supporting community members in adopting healthier diets and lifestyles. Partnering with Healthy Washington County (HWC), Oliver Wyman and other key partners, CGF members – retailers and manufacturers – began to rollout the “One for Good” program in retail outlets and communities across Hagerstown.

The program was re-launched in January 2019 focusing on four health and wellbeing pillars, including: Healthier food choices, Exercise, Smoking cessation and Medication adherence. Through collaboration between retailers, suppliers, and local community organizations, “One for Good” brings together different stakeholders across the community to improve health and wellness in Hagerstown, with the goal of generating learnings and best practices that can be replicable and scalable on a global level.

“One for Good is an amazing case example of the power of cross sector collaboration. We built something very special in Hagerstown, Maryland – bringing together a diverse set of stakeholders, from global food corporations to local public agencies – to address entrenched public health issues in a way that will benefit all stakeholders. We now have a blueprint that can be applied at the regional, national, and global level.” Maggie Biscarr, Director, Global Partnership Solutions at PepsiCo

Key findings in the report show there have been over 50 planned in-store and out-of-store events that have generated over 30,000 interactions with members of the community across all four health and wellness pillars. In addition, the team have documented over 430 programmes, consisting of health fairs, classes, retailer events, and community events, which are related to the four pillars. The below scorecard highlights the impact of these actions.

“Being part of OFG has strengthened our connection to the community and working with community members and our partners in the retail industry generates a collective impact that benefits us all.” David Hoke, Senior Director, Associate Health and Wellbeing at Walmart

“As a global management consulting firm we work with many CGF member organisations, individually, to optimize their businesses. It is encouraging to see a collective of organisations proactively come together to drive positive social change for their customers. There is significant opportunity to scale this program beyond Hagerstown to maximize the impact on American consumers. We look forward to continuing to work with the CHL partner organisations to achieve this goal.” Sirko Siemssen, Retail & Consumer Goods Global Practice Leader at Oliver Wyman

The report also includes case studies from participating companies and stakeholders including PepsiCo, Barilla, MARTIN’S, Walgreens, Meritus Health, YMCA and Walmart, as well as key learnings and best practices. In total, there are 14 industry leaders, over 20 government and community organizations, and two academic institutions involved in the program.

The report is also available on the CGF’s Global Learning Mechanism