For more information about the pilot, the presentations and access to the test-software, please contact: Ruediger Hagedorn, End-to-End-Value Chain Director, The Consumer Goods Forum 

The CGF’s Product Data Coalition of Action co-hosted the first virtual DataPorts pilot on 25th November, alongside CGF members SyncForce and Capgemini, with the aim of testing a new protocol for peer-to-peer data exchange. During the pilot, several suppliers, manufacturers and retailers showcased how data could be exchanged seamlessly in real time across different operating systems. The software used, known as ‘DataPorts’, enables secure dispatch and reception of standard data containers.
Companies are now shifting the newly-tested software into real world applications, building automated push-pull models and requesting data about products and locations to help improve processes and support consumer buying decisions in real time. It is estimated that in a few months,  additional services such as data cross-docking will be enabled, allowing special docks powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capacities to start solving known obstacles such as compatible information models. Through data cross-docking, data interoperability will significantly increase helping FMCG companies’ data exchange to become faster, easier and more efficient.