Download parts 4-5 and stay tuned for more!

Parts 4-5 of the End-to-End Value Chain (E2E) Management Cybernetics learning series has been published by The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) in collaboration with Dr. Boysen Management + Consulting. This follows the launch of parts 1-3 of the learning series paper in January. Cybernetics is a transdisciplinary approach to explore regulatory systems, their structures, constraints, and possibilities. The learning series paper aims to help influential people within management roles reach better decisions in our dynamic business world.

Part 4 of the learning series focuses on management‘s awareness for reciprocal effects by allowing readers to learn about managers’ limited direct influence on the properties and capabilities of their organisations, the need to perceive the “big picture” and operate in an integrated way, to understand the significance of variance and the need for complexity, and also get to know the “CyberPractice” management model. 

Part then 5 goes on to take a deep dive into systems thinking. It aims to get readers to understand the effect of positive and negative feedback loops, get an understanding of the “system dynamics” method to model and simulate the behaviour of complex systems, and become aware of system dynamics resulting in exponential developments, tipping points and trend inversion. 

The publication of parts 4-5 of marks the second in an exciting six segment launch leading up to June 2020.