The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Food Waste Coalition is pleased to welcome a new member, Danone, bringing the Coalition’s membership to 19 CGF members committed to halving food loss and waste in their supply chains, aligned with meeting Sustainable Development Goal 12.3.

The full list of Coalition members includes: Ahold Delhaize, Aldi Sud, Bel Group, Danone, Esselunga, Grupo Bimbo, Kellanova, Kerry, Kraft Heinz, Loblaw Companies Limited, Majid Al Futtaim, McCain, Merck, METRO AG, Migros, Sainsbury’s, Spinney’s, Tesco, Walmart.

Danone’s Work on Food Waste

Danone aims to halve food waste by 2030, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 as a key part of its Danone Impact Journey sustainability framework. To achieve this, Danone launched the global “Battle Against Waste” program, engaging supply chain stakeholders, external partners, suppliers, and customers, while leveraging internal expertise.
In 2023, Danone’s #123Pledge outlined three strategies to meet the 2030 target: i) achieving breakthrough results in operations, ii) promoting “best before dates” where safe and contextually appropriate, and iii) optimising food redistribution. That year, Danone reduced food waste by 19.8% per metric ton of product sold compared to the 2020 baseline.
As part of the Friends of Champions 12.3 coalition and the 10x20x30 subgroup, Danone is committed to further reducing and valorising food waste alongside industry peers and partners through the CGF’s Food Waste Coalition.

The Work of the Coalition

The Coalition is working to reduce waste by focusing on three priority actions, including:

  • The 10x20x30 Initiative – which targets at least 10 of the world’s largest food retailers and providers to follow the “Target-Measure-Act” approach and engage 20 of their priority suppliers to do the same, thereby halving their food loss and waste by 2030.
  •  Engagement on upstream losses – to address food loss at the post-harvest level, by engaging with their suppliers on collaborative, innovative and effective food loss prevention strategies. In April 2024, the World Wildlife Fund launched their Global Farm Loss Tool, which was tested by members of the Coalition and their growers. The tool provides a user-friendly and simplified approach to help farmers and their buyers identify and address the cause of their on-farm food loss and its associated impacts, such as scope 3 emissions.
  • #TooGoodToWaste consumer engagement campaign – launched in September 2023, it is supporting food industry members to raise awareness, inform and educate, and help consumers reduce household food waste. In June 2024, the Coalition joined forces with the Collaboration for Healthier Lives Coalition of action to launch The Sustainable Kitchen, an online hub created to showcase best practices in consumer communication to inspire companies to facilitate behaviour change towards reducing food waste while adopting healthier dietary habits.

For more details on the CGF’s work to accelerate progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 and halve food loss per capita worldwide, visit