Isabelle and Alex, who are passionate about helping and improving the lives of their customers around the globe, talked about the changes taking place in the data-driven world we live in and how authenticity, transparency and sustainability have become key decision levers amongst Millennials. At the same time, they highlighted the changes in diets and lifestyles that are impacting populations worldwide, with chronic diseases being on the rise.

CGF Health & Wellness Co-Chairs Isabelle Grosmaitre, Health & Alimentation Catalyst, Danone and Alex Hurd, Senior Director Health & Wellness, Walmart spoke at the i-Talks in Singapore. The aim of these 15-20 minute talks was to use the Global Summit networking breaks as a platform to share how companies around the world are driving positive change.

Given this context, there is a unique opportunity to reshape the industry and help customers around the world, however the challenges ahead too big for companies to solve individually. The CGF is a unique platform to create an innovative collective impact movement. ‘Under the CGF’s Health & Wellness flagship initiative ‘CHL’, we are doing something unprecedented’, said Isabelle, ‘In less than a year, collective movements involving innovative public and private-partnerships have already started in Colombia, US, Turkey and Japan, and many other are considering to join this movement’. Alex said, ‘We collaborate with retailers, manufacturers, local NGOs and local departments of health; to learn together, share best-practices in influencing consumer behaviour and driver innovation’. ‘We do all this sustainably, by empowering our local teams to incorporate these findings into our standard business practices’. The Co-Chairs encouraged delegates at the I-Zone to join the movement, as working together is how we can make lasting change.

The Global Summit of The Consumer Goods Forum is the business event that unites CEOs from some of the world’s most successful retailers, manufacturers and service providers.

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