A lot is going on at CGF LatAm! Here’s an update of all the projects and events that have taken place during the first quarter of 2023. 

Food Waste

Collaborative Workshop “Workshop VLA Cadenas e Industrias”
Date: 01/06/2023

On June 1st, we partnered with GS1 Argentina, FAO, BID, and the Ministry of Agriculture of Argentina to host a workshop on food waste. We highlighted our CGF global initiatives and food waste coalition objectives.
The workshop emphasized the importance of using the scorecard developed last year as a valuable tool for tracking and managaing food waste. The tool helps companies to identify areas for improvement and implement effective strategies across the food supply chain, considering the measure, target act approach.
To encourage collaboration, participants from 10 companies shared their thoughts and insights on food waste, aiming to generate innovative solutions and inspire collective action.

Plastic Waste

Event: Webinar GDR
Date: 26/04/2023

On April 26th, The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) organized a webinar with the Chamber of Commerce in Colombia to introduce its members to the Golden Design Rules (GDR). The call included an overview of the GDR and a Q&A session to address any questions from the participants. The primary purpose of the call was to create awareness of this vital initiative and its impact on the plastics industry, as well as its potential impact in the future.

Race to Zero

Engie 1st Webinar Decarbonization Masterclass Series
Date: 15/06/2023

The CGF, in partnership with ENGIE Impact, is holding a series of webinars on Decarbonization and the first session, titled “Energy Perspectives,”. During this session, presenters explored the topics influencing energy markets and prices, providing a retrospective analysis of the 2022/23 period and a forecast for 2023/24.
In this webinar, members had the opportunity to gain detailed insights into global markets for electricity, natural gas, renewable energy, oil, and diesel. The webinar included the analysis of challenges and opportunities in transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, as well as the implications for industrial sectors and energy policies.
Experts from ENGIE Impact shared their knowledge and expertise in the field of decarbonization, providing updated information and key perspectives for participants. Additionally, there was dedicated time for questions and answers, allowing for direct and enriching interaction. Four webinars will be presented this year. Register to participate.

Healthier Lives

Danone webinar for employees in collaboration with WWF
Date: 22/06/2023

On June 22nd, a webinar was held in collaboration with WWF Mexico, dedicated to Danone employees as part of their health and wellness program. We had the participation of an expert from WWF, who spoke about sustainable habits at home, sharing experiences and tips on this topic. An interactive presentation was provided, allowing attendees to address their questions and learn new strategies to improve the habits at home.

Foro Latino

Date: 15-19 May 2023

We kicked off our Foro Latino 2023 on Monday, May 15th in Bogotá and we concluded it on Friday, May 19th in Cartagena, Colombia. This year we saw the largest attendance in the history of the Latin Forum, with over 60 participants, including 22 retailers.
On Tuesday, May 16th, we visited 10 stores in the city of Bogotá. On Wednesday, we visited 6 more stores, where the managers warmly welcomed us, gave us a tour of their stores, and answered questions from participants about each store model.
The remaining activities took place in Cartagena, where we held the roundtable discussions. This year we had expert speakers like Google, Rappi, Mercado Libre among others who provided detailed information about the retail market, consumers, trends, and other relevant topics for the industry.