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In early May, 42 experts from 30 organisations gathered in London for the Data Leapfrog Workshop, facilitated by Capgemini.  The aim of the workshop was to address the data attributes that should be shared between trading partners and consumers, how to reach higher levels of data accuracy and completeness and how data could be more efficiently shared between members.

Participants included retailers, manufacturers, e-commerce platforms, technology companies and other service providers who gathered to devise alternative approaches that use new technologies. The brief to the workshop participants was to design one or more holistic pilots that could tangibly demonstrate a potential solution.

The output of the workshop was a set of five pilots, each to be led by a handful of retailers and manufacturers between now and the end of 2018:

  1. Centralised Data Sharing
  2. Federated Data Sharing
  3. Standard Data Attributes
  4. Data Quality Scorecard
  5. Automated Data Creation


For more information on the pilots, please contact e2e@theconsumergoodsforum.com