The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), in collaboration with the Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS), has published a report analysing big data on Chinese consumer nutrition, as it relates to trends observed during the COVID-19 pandemic. This marks a key milestone in the CGF Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) Coalition’s work to drive healthier lives for consumers globally, by driving action regionally in local communities. Since launching in 2019, the Chinese CHL initiative has continuously worked towards building a solid foundation for collaborative efforts around balanced nutrition.

The 2021 report follows the CHL China team’s introductory report co-published with the CNS in June 2020, which focused on the analysis of nutrition and food consumption data, trends and behaviours of Chinese consumers, as well as the subsequent November 2020 report launched at the first edition of the CGF China Day Health and Sustainability event.

Titled ‘Big Data on Chinese Consumer Nutrition: Covid-19 Trends Analysis’, the 2021 report was launched on 15th May at the Science Popularization Conference, as part of the kick off ceremony for National Nutrition Week in Beijing. It delves into an analysis of consumption trends in various food categories and new retail channels during the pandemic, and will serve to build CHL China’s ambition to help people live healthier lives, as well as to drive progress towards the Healthy China 2030 goals.

On 26th May, the report was shared with CEOs on the CGF China Board, during which the critical next steps in the CHL China strategy were established. These include: ensuring that CHL China KPIs support the ambition and targets of the Healthy China 2030 plan, integrating the growing ‘out of home’ consumption channel into CHL China work, unleashing the power of digital, and lifting the ambition of impact at scale in China.

The CHL Coalition looks forward to continuously exploring, experimenting, innovating and evolving business models to support positive change, while amplifying data and knowledge sharing cross-industry, in China and beyond.

The 2021 CHL China report is available for download on the Global Learning Mechanism.