We are pleased to announce the publication of a new report, entitled Smart Reduction of Consumer Food Waste: Using technology for the benefit of retailers and consumers. Capgemini and The Consumer Goods Forum, through this End-to-End Value Chain Learning Series, aim to identify the challenges and opportunities that food retailers face and the important role they can play in reducing food waste among consumers.

The report finds that:

  • Reducing food waste results in savings that consumers can redirect to high-quality food products with higher profit margins for retailers (upselling) or to trying new products (cross-selling)
  • Ways Technology Can Help Retailers enable Consumer Food Waste Reduction
  • Opportunities for retailers to change consumer behaviors and contribute to profitable business outcomes
  • Collaboration between companies across different industries could bring innovative and business-minded approaches to reducing food waste
Download it now and learn more about how retailers have an influential role to play in preventing the waste of food, enabling social good and increasing their bottom line.