The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) was pleased to participate in the AHIFORES Forum, “For a Modern, Productive, and Humanely Responsible Fruit and Vegetable Sector”, organised by AHIFORES (The International Fruit and Vegetable Alliance for the Promotion of Social Responsibility), in Guadalajara, Mexico. CGF Social Sustainability Director Didier Bergeret was invited to take part in a panel on the opening day of the Forum, entitled “International Organisations’ Perspective on the Establishment and Promotion of Public Policy on Labor Welfare”, alongside representatives from the World Bank, the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination and the International Labor Organization.

AHIFORES brings together growers, governments, workers, purchasers and consumers to improve working conditions in the Mexican fruit and vegetable sector. The aim of this year’s Forum was to discuss the evolution of the agricultural sector with regards to social responsibility and sustainability and to provide a space for workers to be represented alongside all sectoral actors.

To learn more about AHIFORES and their mission, visit their website.