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The Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) has concluded its 60-day public consultation on the At-Sea Operations benchmark criteria. The criteria were jointly developed between the SSCI and the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) in partnership with the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) as part of an ongoing collaboration to create a social compliance benchmark tool for the seafood industry. The SSCI invited all stakeholders to participate in this public consultation as part of its commitment to transparency.

The organisations would like to thank all stakeholders who participated in the consultation. After receiving over 25 formal comments on the criteria and holding multiple stakeholder conversations, the work will focus on the integration of such feedback with the support of the Technical Working Group. Both GSSI and SSCI will ensure that stakeholders are informed of further criteria developments prior to finalisation. Once finalised, the SSCI will be ready to launch the At-Sea Operations scope, allowing for third-party social compliance certification schemes in the seafood industry to be benchmarked against SSCI criteria and receive SSCI recognition.