On 18th November, Coordinator for the The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI), Sairindri Christisabrina, participated in a virtual discussion at the annual Seafood Expo Asia Reconnect with Yumie Kawashima, Manager, CSR Team, AEON. AEON is a key member of the SSCI, and Yumie was appointed the new Co-chair of the CGF Japan Sustainability Local Working Group in October. 

In their session, entitled “Supporting Responsible Procurement with the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative,” Sairindri and Yumie discussed Yumie’s experience working with the SSCI, as well as the value AEON’s involvement in the SSCI and its network brings to the company’s responsible procurement goals. Additionally, they discussed the SSCI’s particular focus on the seafood industry, and the role of sustainable sourcing as well as the SSCI in setting the bar for social standards. Yumie also shared the progress of the Japan Sustainability Local Working Group progress on social issues, particularly the implementation of the CGF’s Priority Industry Principles.

Since 2018, the SSCI has collaborated with the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) to develop a  benchmark for social compliance audit and certification schemes working in the seafood sector. Together, the SSCI and GSSI have worked to develop the SSCI’s At-Sea Operations scope, as well as the aquaculture-relevant criteria of the SSCI Primary Production scope. For more information about how the SSCI is working to build trust in sustainability standards worldwide, visit www.tcgfssci.com.