The IBM Innovation Studio hosted leaders in supply chain and product data at the first E2E SpringBoard of 2024 in New York City.

The morning opened up with the Product Data Coalition Steering Committee meeting. The group held in-depth discussions regarding the various Coalition work streams including New Ways of Data Exchange; Easy Access to Standards, Pilots on Global Data Model and Verified by GS1; Value Story and KPI, as well as their progress and future outlook.

The second part of the day was handed over to the IBM Innovation team, who led the attendees through an immersive, two-day deep dive into the revolutionary realm of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI), fusing it with the principles of Design Thinking. Attendees left equipped with groundbreaking insights and practical applications, a blend of knowledge they likely can’t find elsewhere.

Here’s what you missed…

Understanding Gen AI’s Economic and Ethical Impact:

The team revealed the vast economic benefits of Gen AI and its ethical implications, highlighting their principles around AI, which are that it should be trusted, targeted, open, and empowering.

They engaged in further discussion and demonstrated examples and use cases for generative AI across multiple industries, including Marketing, Customer Sales and Servicing, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, and IT productivity.

Design Thinking Meets AI:

Day two was a journey through the unique IBM enterprise Design Thinking methodology, tailored to integrate Gen AI, highlighting the human-centric approach to AI solutions. 

Persona-Driven Scenario Exploration:

Personas were created and explored, including Casey, the Logistics Manager, Dana, the Marketing Director, Evan, the Quality Assurance Manager, and Alex, the Supply Chain Analyst amongst many others, mapping out their current and future scenarios with Gen AI. This approach brought to life the real-world implications and benefits of AI in various roles.

Visionary Future Mapping:

Teams collaborated to transform current scenarios into future possibilities, revealing how Gen AI could revolutionise each persona’s role, from enhancing logistics efficiency to redefining marketing strategies.

Expert Insights and Collaborative Learning:

With IBM’s AI experts guiding the brainstorming sessions, attendees gained not just knowledge but practical strategies for applying Gen AI in their fields. Missing these sessions meant missing out on a unique blend of theoretical knowledge, practical insights, and hands-on experience in Gen AI and Design Thinking. Participants left not just informed but transformed, ready to apply these innovative techniques in their businesses. This was more than learning; it was an experience in shaping AI for business.

The End-to-End Value Chain SpringBoard Events are off-site events, hosted by member companies to provide hands-on experience of new technologies. The aim of these events is to empower decision makers of retail and manufacturer companies who want to enter discussions about the strategic implications of new technologies for their business. These events enable collaboration and sharing new technologies, an opportunity to have an in-depth exchange with peers, as well as to learn directly from the innovators at the source of these groundbreaking technologies.

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