Today at the Summit, technology suppliers and global retailers shared latest knowledge about natural refrigeration systems by presenting technological and commercial success stories. 

Organised by The Consumer Goods Forum, the Summit highlighted the industry’s commitment to driving a green revolution in refrigeration 
LONDON, 5th June 2013 – The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) today held the 3rd Refrigeration Summit – “Moving away from HFCs…Naturally!” in London. Hosted by Tesco, the Summit brought some 150 retailers and technology supplier participants together to discuss the barriers and solutions to a faster and more global uptake of natural refrigeration systems. Such a shift from HFCs to natural refrigerants could significantly slow down global warming. 
Reducing the use of HFC refrigerants is high on the CGF sustainability agenda due to their impact on global warming. Refrigerants are heavily used by CGF members in a number of applications, and the CGF’s commitment to driving the shift to natural refrigerants is emphasised in its resolution on refrigeration*. 
The Rt Hon Gregory Barker, UK Minister for Climate Change, Department of Energy and Climate Change, who gave the keynote speech, said: “Energy efficiency is not only vital for reducing the impact of global climate change, but will also boost the UK economy, stimulate growth and give our businesses a real competitive edge in the low carbon global race. 
”This Coalition Government remains determined to be the greenest ever and we need our retail sector – which is of great importance to the UK economy – to follow suit and take a leading role on energy efficiency. 
“Refrigeration is a significant part of this and that is why I’m calling on retailers to agree to freeze out costly HFC refrigeration. I’m also setting up a new Taskforce with the retail sector to help unlock the significant further potential for energy savings in this sector.” 
Philip Clarke, Group Chief Executive of Tesco, said: “I am delighted that Tesco is hosting the third CGF Refrigeration Summit. It is important for retailers to tackle their use of refrigerant gases which have such a significant impact on climate change. The Summit has enabled the world’s top retailers to share the latest information on this innovative technology so that they can scale up our industry’s use of natural refrigeration.” The event was chaired by Steve Lanigan, Global Refrigeration Consultants, and speakers included retailers Aeon, Delhaize Group, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Woolworths Australia, pack manufacturer Advansor, and CO2 design consultant Hamilton Clark. Several retailers and suppliers also took part in the retailers’ panel and suppliers’ panel during the day. 
Around the presentations, participants benefited from intensive networking and idea sharing, and the CGF’s retail members were also able to see different systems in operation via a London store tour of Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose on 4th June. 
Key outcomes from the Summit were: 
  • Retailers and suppliers shared the latest information on natural refrigeration systems that are being increasingly used across the globe; 
  • Information was shared on the different solutions that are now available to meet the needs of both smaller and larger businesses, working across different countries and climates. Natural refrigeration systems have proven themselves over millions of hours of operation in stores; 
  • The cost of natural refrigeration systems is coming down, making this a competitive option for the consumer goods industry; 
  • The CGF commitment to start phasing out HFCs is the right long term approach and an important next step will be to help all CGF members to make the transition; 
  • More work is, however, needed to develop cost-effective systems that work as well in hotter climates; and 
  • The industry needs to develop its capacity to supply to retailers globally and to grow the skills base to build and maintain these systems. 
– Ends – 
* The CGF resolution on refrigeration states that members will begin phasing-out HFC refrigerants as of 2015 and replace them with non-HFC refrigerants (natural refrigerant alternatives) where these are legally allowed and available for new purchases of point of sale units and large refrigeration installations. 
About Natural Refrigerants 
Natural refrigerants are naturally occurring substances that can be used as cooling agents (heat transfer medium) in refrigerators and air conditioners. They don’t harm the ozone layer and have no or negligible climate impact, but may pose operational safety risks if not properly managed. 
  • Ammonia (R-717), used in industrial refrigeration plants for more than 130 years, is deemed to be environment-friendly, economical, and energy-efficient 
  • The natural refrigerant carbon dioxide CO2 (R-744) has a similarly long tradition in refrigeration technology 
  • Non-halogenated hydrocarbons (HC) such as propane and iso-butane 
  • Helium 
  • Water 
  • Air About The Consumer Goods Forum 
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