PARIS, 2nd August 2021 — The Consumer Goods Forum is delighted to announce the following new companies have joined our global membership community and, in doing so, have confirmed their commitment to our vision of better lives through better business.

ENGIE Impact accelerates sustainability transformation for corporations, cities and governments. We help organisations embed sustainability into their operational strategies, allowing them to bridge the gap between sustainability commitments and realise results that capture economic value and make organisations more competitive over the long term.

“Companies across sectors are taking increasingly bold commitments to mitigate climate change: They are setting targets that come sooner, are more ambitious, and cover a broader scope than ever before. Yet the hard reality is that few are on track. The magnitude of change required implies mobilising capabilities and capital on an unprecedented scale, which few companies can address alone. The CGF is a great opportunity to connect, build alliances, and share experience to help the industry meet these challenges.”  – Nicolas Lefevre-Marton, Managing Director, ENGIE Impact

Innosight is the growth and innovation practice of Huron Consulting Group. As the leading authority on disruptive innovation and strategic transformation, we bring a cross-industry perspective to our work with consumer clients to identify transformative growth opportunities, build new businesses, strengthen innovation capabilities, and  accelerate organisational change.

“Innosight’s purpose is to empower forward-thinking organisations to navigate disruptive change and own the future. In our work with leading consumer companies, we help leadership teams create a vision for the future and develop the business models, strategies, and capabilities to achieve their growth and sustainability ambitions. Innosight is excited to partner with The Consumer Goods Forum and to participate in the many critical initiatives aimed at shaping the future of the industry and creating meaningful and positive impact in the world.” – Brian Hindo and Kristen Colella, Consumer Practice Leads, Innosight

Refresco is the world’s largest independent bottler of beverages for retailers and A-brands, with production in Europe and North America. The company has full year volumes and revenue of circa 12 billion liters and circa €4 billion, respectively. Refresco offers an extensive range of product and packaging combinations from 100% fruit juices to carbonated soft drinks and mineral waters in carton, PET, Aseptic PET, cans and glass. Focused on innovation, Refresco continuously searches for new and alternative ways to improve the quality of its products and packaging combinations in line with consumer and customer demand, environmental responsibilities and market demand. Refresco is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and has more than 10,000 employees.

“As the world’s largest independent bottler of beverages, Refresco produces many of the world’s favorite drinks every day and we continue to grow. It is our ambition to become the leading provider of beverage solutions for retailers and branded beverage companies, and we will use our growing scale to make those solutions matter. We aim to accelerate action by working together with our customers, suppliers and industry associations to drive positive change. By becoming a member of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), we will be able to advance the Refresco sustainability agenda on sustainable sourcing and producing responsibly. It is a logical next step for us, because the CGF drives the adoption of industry-wide commitments and its members focus on making changes that have a real impact. We look forward to contributing to CGF’s mission as we pursue our ambitious targets.”  – Hans Roelofs, CEO, Refresco

As the only association in the consumer goods industry that is truly global, while embracing both retailers and manufacturers, and service providers, our members understand the value of our uniqueness. Many of the opportunities and issues that we face as an industry can’t be addressed by individual companies alone, or just by collaborating regionally. The CGF offers you a seat at the table, and our members know that our global, cross-value chain perspective is critical to helping drive positive change globally and in securing long-term, sustainable business growth.

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