PARIS, 29th March 2022 — The Consumer Goods Forum is delighted to announce the following new companies have joined our global membership community and, in doing so, have confirmed their commitment to our vision of better lives through better business.

For nearly 20 years, Intertek Alchemy has been the global leader of training and consulting solutions for processors, manufacturers, packagers, and distributors of all sizes. Because we believe that people make the difference, our innovative technologies and services help ensure the everyday actions made by your employees have a valuable impact on safety, quality, and productivity. Partner with us today to protect your workforce and consumers by bringing safety culture to life, ensuring high-quality products, and optimizing operations.

“As a partner to the food industry for nearly 20 years, Intertek Alchemy believes people make the difference in creating a safe, sustainable food supply. We look forward to growing our support to the food industry and its essential workforce through our membership with The Consumer Goods Forum.” – Paul Reynish, President, Intertek Alchemy

Uni-President China Holdings Limited is one of the market-leading food and beverage manufacturers. Uni-President started operations in 1992 and was listed  on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange since December 17, 2007 (stock code: 0220). In 2021, Uni-President achieved a record high of RMB25.2 billion in revenue, a new milestone for the Group. 

“The most important mission of running a business is to create value. Only by constantly creating the value needed by the public can a company be sustainable and have a positive impact on the whole society. This is what we pursue as a corporate mission.” – LO Chih-Hsien, Chairman and Executive Director, Uni-President China Holdings Limited

As a leading enterprise friendly blockchain company, VeChain began in 2015 and aims to provide enterprises with blockchain solutions suitable for their business needs. VeChain ToolChain is a one-stop blockchain-based data service platform that allows enterprise clients to rapidly build and drive digital transformation on a global scale, enabling the evolution of a trust-free and a distributed ecosystem.Together with VeChain’s strategic partners, PwC and DNV, it has established partnerships with many leading enterprises in various industries.

“VeChain is committed to powering the future-facing green transformation with blockchain. It is the ethical alignment that brings us to the CGF, who has been on a global mission to do good. We feel honoured to enhance innovation in the industry that will benefit all humankind.” – Sunny Lu, CEO, VeChain Technology

As the only association in the consumer goods industry that is truly global, while embracing both retailers and manufacturers, and service providers, our members understand the value of our uniqueness. Many of the opportunities and issues that we face as an industry can’t be addressed by individual companies alone, or just by collaborating regionally. The CGF offers you a seat at the table, and our members know that our global, cross-value chain perspective is critical to helping drive positive change globally and in securing long-term, sustainable business growth.

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