BERLIN, 24th October 2019 — The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) is aware of statements and protests by Robin Wood, Sum of Us, Mighty Earth and Greenpeace in relation to deforestation and the sourcing of key commodities like cattle, soy, palm oil and paper.

The CGF and our members recognise that stopping deforestation is critical to addressing global climate change, but we cannot stop deforestation alone. Everyone, from consumers to governments and NGOs, has a role to play. Therefore this week, at the Sustainable Retail Summit in Berlin, we are bringing together retailers, consumer brands and other key stakeholders, including Mighty Earth, WWF and Fridays for the Future, to discuss challenges and solutions.

Our members have made progress on our 2020 goals, but over time we learned that cleaning up individual supply chains will not drive the transformation needed to end deforestation. In 2010, our strategy was rooted in remediating our individual company supply chains, often through certification. And while we have seen progress as a result of the hard work and investments we made, we have found that certification is a useful tool, but not the comprehensive solution the world needs to end deforestation.

We need a more transformative approach that will get us to a forest positive future. Therefore, we are reevaluating our relationships with suppliers who cannot meaningfully show they follow acceptable business practices across their respective commodity supply chains. We will also be partners in driving change by supporting integrated land use approaches and policies. Members and suppliers must also respect and promote indigenous land rights and working conditions that comply with our Priority Industry Principles against forced labour.

Ultimately, we know no one sector or focus on one single commodity or geography can solve deforestation alone, and we will advocate for and support practices and policies that change behaviours and outcomes at a global level. This means supporting other sectors like governments as they do their part, including stepping up enforcement against illegal deforestation.

The CGF is committed to building a forest positive future and we will continue to work with governments, the Tropical Forest Alliance and other stakeholders toward shared action and progress on supply chain sustainability and green economic development.

Michael Lamb, Senior Connector, GOLIN
Mobile: +44 (0)7512430936