The mission of the SSCI is to provide clear guidance in the consumer goods industry to buyers and suppliers on which third-party auditing, monitoring and certification schemes cover key sustainability requirements and apply relevant governance and verification.

The initiative currently focuses on benchmarking social compliance programmes under three sectoral scopes and is working to expand the scope of the SSCI Benchmark to environmental compliance programmes as well.

Commitments & Achievements

In only four years, the SSCI has become the benchmark of choice for sustainability compliance standards in the consumer goods industry, supporting organisations in their supply chain due diligence by driving trust in and continuous improvement among standards.

With the SSCI Benchmark Criteria, developed for the industry, by the industry, the SSCI provides guidance on the industry’s minimum expectations for how sustainability should be defined and covered by supply chain sustainability certifications and audits, as well as how those certifications should be operated. In doing so, the SSCI is helping create an industry-wide common foundation for how supply chain sustainability is evaluated.


The SSCI is Co-Chaired at the Steering Committee level by MSD Animal Health and EMD. 

The SSCI Coalition of Action, which oversees the SSCI’s activities and provides the final recognition of SSCI Benchmark applicants, currently consists of 23 CGF members.