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Didier Bergeret, director of the GSCP and the CGF’s work on social sustainability, will be joining a distinguished list of speakers at the upcoming “Partnerships to End Forced Labour in Supply Chains” event at the UN Headquarters in New York on 19th July. The event, organised by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), aims to build support for the formation of Alliance 8.7 and promote the eradication of human trafficking, child labour, forced labour and modern slavery from supply chains.
This dynamic, interactive discussion will bring together government officials, senior policy-makers, businesses, trade unions and key stakeholders to discuss the range of strategies, challenges and lessons learned across international efforts. 
The panel will also explore the necessity of additional actions from governments and the international system to facilitate this goal. This event will contribute insights into the formation of Alliance 8.7 (referring to target 8.7 of the UN’s SDGs) which brings together all stakeholders to focus efforts in achieving this goal.
International and national instruments to combat these unacceptable forms of abuse and exploitations and the best practices of private companies will be explored in greater detail.
On this, Didier will be joining a panel discussion on experiences and good practices in combatting forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking in global supply chains, where he will be further discussing the positive actions of CGF members in helping to eradicate forced labour – a journey that began with our 2016 Social Resolution on Forced Labour.