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SSCI-Recognised Schemes

The SSCI helps build trust in sustainability standards worldwide by benchmarking schemes against the SSCI Social and Scheme Management Criteria, driving alignment among the many different third-party audit and certification schemes that assist companies in their supply chains due diligence. By undergoing benchmarking against the SSCI’s Social and Scheme Management Criteria, schemes signal their commitment to meeting the industry’s expectations on sustainability standards and governance mechanisms.

Once they have completed the benchmarking process and earned SSCI recognition, SSCI-recognised schemes will be listed below, providing industry professionals with a trusted list of credible and responsible programmes to choose from.

Schemes currently undergoing benchmarking are listed here as well. Check this page to follow their progress through the benchmarking process.

Benchmarking Process

Scheme Application
Desktop Review
Office Visit with Independent Benchmark Leader
Public Consultation
Industry Review and SSCI Decision
SSCI Recognition

Current Processes

In Progress
To be completed

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