Welcome to the People Positive Palm (P3) project ethical recruitment training video, presented by the Consumer Goods Forum’s Human Rights Coalition in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Fair Labor Association (FLA).

In this video, stakeholders from the P3 Project discuss their commitment to eradicating forced labour in the Malaysian palm oil supply chain through ethical recruitment practices. Representatives underscore the coalition’s dedication to upholding workers’ rights across the entire value chain. Insights from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) shed light on the challenges faced by migrant workers and stress the importance of fair recruitment to mitigate risks of exploitation. They highlight the regular training workshops conducted in Malaysia and Indonesia, aimed at aligning practices with international standards.

The video features interviews with recruiters who have participated in the P3 Project’s ethical recruitment training sessions. Recruiters share their perspectives on the benefits of ethical practices and emphasise the significance of compliance in their operations. Closing remarks underscore the comprehensive approach of the P3 Project, uniting stakeholders to reform recruitment norms and ensure migrant workers are treated fairly and with dignity from recruitment onwards.

Key Highlights:

  • The P3 Project aims to combat forced labour in the Malaysian palm oil sector through collaborative efforts.
  • Regular ethical recruitment training workshops are conducted in Malaysia and Indonesia to promote compliance with international standards.
  • Interviews with recruiters provide firsthand insights into the impact of ethical recruitment practices on their operations.
  • The project encourages a holistic approach involving stakeholders across the palm oil supply chain to ensure sustainable and ethical labour practices.

Watch the video to gain deeper insights into how ethical recruitment practices are shaping a sustainable future for the Malaysian palm oil industry. Join us in supporting the People Positive Palm Project and collaborating to transform labour practices in the palm oil sector. For more information, visit tcgfsocial.com or email .