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Product Packaging Gets a New Lease of Life

Egg shells, cocoa husks and hazelnut shells are now being repurposed and their lifecycles extended as they are recycled into packaging materials. 

Food waste is accountable for adding 3.3 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases into the planet's atmosphere each year. The issue is becoming so problematic that if food waste were a country, it would be the third largest contributor of greenhouse gases worldwide after China and the US.

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Join Us on the Health and Wellness Journey and Benefit Shoppers & Employees Alike

With a commitment to health and wellness, a company can make a difference not only to its customers, but to its employees, as well. And just like individuals who define health and wellness personally based on their values and beliefs, one might say companies strive to do the same. This uniqueness in defining health and wellness challenges us as businesses and as individuals to be relevant. It allows us to bring our own values to life, helping us staying true to who we are while making sure we are relevant to our customers. And that’s exactly what we did at IGA one year ago when we launched the IGA Better Choices website, which provides resources for shoppers and employees alike to make healthier lifestyle choices.  

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Reflections on the First Half of 2016 & Our Positive Actions - Part 1

Dear CGF Member,
Many of your companies will have been represented in Cape Town recently attending The Consumer Goods Forum’s 60th Global Summit. For those who attended, I hope you found it as valuable and fun as I did! In the same week we also held a number of governance meetings, including our Board meeting and the General Assembly. So it’s a good time of year for me to report back to you with an overview of developments at the CGF over the last six months.

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