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Talking to FDA: See you in Costa Mesa, Rutherford and Detroit!

As food safety professionals and scientists, we often are preoccupied checking equipment, reviewing lab stats and talking to suppliers and staff, and fail to share both our stories and successes. The same is true on an industry level with GFSI in Washington, D.C. and state capitals where casual reference to GFSI in the marketplace often triggers a blank stare among government regulators and legislators, who are similarly talking to one another in their own silo-ed conversations.
But, that’s changing.

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World Health Day 2016 - Action on Diabetes

Let’s all support the Beat Diabetes campaign!
In the build up to World Health Day on the 7th April 2016, we have all seen staggering figures on the rise of diabetes and the impact that it is having on more than 350 million people worldwide; a figure that is set to double in the next 20 years! The World Health Organisation’s fact sheet on diabetes speaks for itself.  We have seen that in some countries the per capita cost of diabetes may exceed the amount of money expended in health care.  

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Three Reasons I'm Excited About GFSI in North America

There are thousands of voices speaking up about GFSI in North America as new food safety reforms take place in the United States and Canada. I am just one, lone voice. Yet, I am privileged to represent GFSI formally in North America and I am excited about what I hear and see. Why?

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