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The Importance of GFSI at Mondelēz International

Trust – It’s critical to our success as a global food products manufacturer. One of the expectations of that trust from our customers and consumers is that our products are safe to eat. We’ve translated this expectation at Mondelēz International to mean implementation of globally consistent food safety programs that not only meet – but also exceed -- regulatory requirements. No matter where in the world our consumers live, we want them to consume our products with the knowledge that every day we’re providing a safe and delicious product for their enjoyment.

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Are We Turning Collective Commitment into Action?

As director of environmental sustainability at The Consumer Goods Forum, I get asked a lot about where our members are with regards to implementation, especially around our resolution to achieve zero-net deforestation by 2020
It was, therefore, with great interest that a number of third-party organisations have published reports this last week on deforestation commitments. The first, from Supply Change and Forest Trends, tracks progress on 579 public commitments from companies around the world who have pledged to remove forest destruction from their supply chains. A second report was published by the Global Canopy Programme (GCP) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). In their report, they look specifically at assessing progress by our members towards achieving deforestation-free supply chains and assessing the steps being made towards collective zero deforestation targets. It also compares how our members are doing against those who are not.

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Food Safety - A Never Ending Journey

GFSI’s journey began 16 years ago, when a few leading retailers came together over a common desire to get a grip on food safety. 
They set out to standardize understanding through establishing a benchmark system for certification schemes. With easily comparable quality and safety requirements. Beyond national boundaries, on a worldwide level. Now, GFSI has developed into a thought leader that binds people and organisations together. 

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4 Surprising Reasons to Measure and Reduce Food Loss and Waste

A full one-third of the food the world produces ultimately goes uneaten. That’s a billion tons of food loss and waste (FLW) every single year.
There are many good reasons to reduce this loss and waste—food security, economic gains and environmental sustainability, just to cite a few. But many of those most capable of fixing the problem, like governments and businesses, don’t know where to begin. 

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Talking to FDA: See you in Costa Mesa, Rutherford and Detroit!

As food safety professionals and scientists, we often are preoccupied checking equipment, reviewing lab stats and talking to suppliers and staff, and fail to share both our stories and successes. The same is true on an industry level with GFSI in Washington, D.C. and state capitals where casual reference to GFSI in the marketplace often triggers a blank stare among government regulators and legislators, who are similarly talking to one another in their own silo-ed conversations.
But, that’s changing.

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