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Our efforts to empower the world's population to live healthier lifestyles requires us to share as much information as possible on our priorities and actions around the key areas we are working to address. The Knowledge section of our site does exactly that. Here you will find even more information on the key priorities of the Health & Wellness Pillar, as well as the actions we are taking today.

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On Employee Health & Wellness...

The Consumer Goods Forum has committed to implement employee health and wellness programmes.  The target date for application is 2016 and we will continue to support our members who are at varying stages of implementation.  We will also publically report on our progress.  Our members use communication and educational programmes to help raise employee awareness on health and wellness and energy balance to inspire healthier diets and lifestyles through a number of different initiatives outlined in our Health & Wellness Resolutions.
We are:
  • Providing opportunities for our consumers and employees to lead healthier lives, including through smoke-free environments and employee wellness programmes;
  • Encouraging and supporting our employees, of all ages, to make informed choices and become more physically active;
  • Promoting overall physical and mental health (both cognitive and emotional);
  • Promoting healthy skin through UV protection (sunscreen and practices); and
  • Encouraging self-confidence through healthful practices and positive body image.

If you are interested in learning more about what is happening in this area, additional sources are highlighted below.

Workplace Wellness Alliance

The Workplace Wellness Alliance was established in response to a CEO Call for Action at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2008, and launched in 2010. It was the objective of the Alliance – which counted over 150 members from across industries and regions – to improve global health and productivity by making wellness a priority, starting in the workplace. 

The Alliance also recently published a report, titled "Making the Right Investment: Employee Health and the Power of Metrics", that  brings together the latest thinking on workplace wellness and metrics, based on Alliance member initiatives and enhanced by broad-based literature reviews. 

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum publishes regular case studies on a host of topics, including employee health and wellness.  


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