• Sustainable Soy

    New Tools for Soy SourcingWe have recently published two new documents to help members source soy sustainably and meet the 2020 zero net deforestation commitment.
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  • Sustainable

    CGF Partners on EventThe Consumer Goods Forum is pleased to announce it is an official partner of the upcoming Sustainable Brands event in Barcelona from 22nd-24th May 2016.
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  • Refrigeration

    Download FreeThe CGF announces it's now looking at next steps on how to scale up low carbon refrigeration and publishes first-ever Refrigeration Booklet
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  • Sustainable Palm Oil
    Sourcing Guidelines

    Supporting Members Globally The industry's first-ever palm oil sourcing guidelines are intended to assist companies in designing their own policies for sourcing palm oil more sustainably.
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  • Climate Change

    Real Member ActionsSee how our members are working collectively and individually to help address today's biggest climate change challenges.
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Our WorkstreamsDriving a More Sustainable Tomorrow

  • Introducing Our Work on Deforestation +

    With a focus on the sourcing of key commodities - palm oil, soy, paper and pulp and beef - our members are committed to working together to ahieve zero net deforestation by 2020. Read More
  • Introducing Our Work on Refrigeration +

    Our industry acknowledges its responsibility to phase out ozone depleting substances and is taking action to move to natural refrigerant alternatives. Confirmation of this came when our Board approved a resolution to begin phasing out HFCs from 2015. Read More
  • Introducing Our Work on Food and Solid Waste +

    Reducing food waste could lead to improved food security for both people and countries and have a massive impact on the climate. Our members are committed to working together to halve food waste by 2025. We are also working on ways to reduce solid waste. Read More
  • Introducing Our Work on Measurement +

    Through our measurement work, we plan to achieve a common global system for measuring of environmental impacts starting with carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases. Read More
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Our Committee MembersSustainability Influencers

Sustainability Event/Meeting
Sustainability Event/Meeting

Our Upcoming EventsWebinars, Workshops, Meetings & More

We hold a number of annual events and regular workshops and meetings around the world. To learn more about these, and the level of involvement you can have. Check out our calendar to see what's coming up and what you can get involved in.

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Sustainability Pillar
Driving Positive Change
Sustainability Pillar

Our Latest ContentPublications, News, Blog Posts & More

See what collaboration brings as we work together with our members to drive positive change globally. Check out all our latest content, from blog posts to case studies and from news releases to our newest publications.

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