With this in mind, I’m delighted to now be sharing our story with regards to our long-standing commitment to make health and wellness more affordable and accessible.
Back in October, Walmart outlined additional ways we are helping our customers to live healthier lives by focusing on preventive care and supporting overall well-being across our entire assortment – in stores and online – through in-store events, online education and an expanded assortment of products and services solutions.
This came to fruition on October 10 when we hosted “America’s Biggest Health Fair”, an event that took place in more than 4,400 stores across the U.S. from noon to 4 p.m. Free blood glucose, blood pressure, vision screenings, product samples and health insurance information was made available. In addition, more than 10,000 of Walmart’s licensed pharmacists we on-hand to offer immunizations. Walmart welcomed record-breaking numbers during the single-day health fair with hundreds of thousands of screenings and immunizations given.
This is a truly amazing thing. If there is one thing we, as a leading global retailer, can’t put a price on, it’s the health of our customers. We realize we play an important role in making healthcare available to millions and helping millions put healthy meals on the table. This is a responsibility we take seriously, and one I am extremely proud to be a part of. From managing diabetes to running your first 5K and simply putting a healthy dinner on the table, we’re equipping our customers with solutions for total health management which spans from nutrition, fitness, preventative care and treatment.
And, Walmart remains the only retailer in the U.S. that operates its own Pharmacies, Vision Centers and Care Clinics, and provides a comprehensive assortment of preventative and wellness products in the following categories: grocery, electronics, sporting goods, home, apparel and consumables in stores and online. Over the past year, we have added thousands of wellness products, and plan to expand in notable areas such as: durable medical equipment, specialty prescriptions and active nutrition.
Of course, there are many other things that we are doing here at Walmart to help our customers and the communities we operate in to live healthier lifestyles. From working on DirectHealth.com, to reducing the sodium, added sugar and industrially-produced trans fats in our private brands to revamping the Health & Wellness content on Walmart.com, we want to help empower customers to make more informed choices for themselves and for their families. Healthcare begins here.
To learn more about our assortment of affordable wellness solutions, please visit: www.Walmart.com/healthcare.

This post was written and contributed by:
Alex Hurd
Senior Director, Health & Wellness