The Consumer Goods Forum Health & Wellness Steering Committee has welcomed new members in recent months. The role of the Committee is to provide strategic direction and to oversee the daily management of our Health & Wellness activities.

We spoke to Jeremy Shute, VP Corporate Strategy at McCormick, to understand his motivation to join the global team who drives Health & Wellness at the CGF.

CGF: We are honoured to have you join the Health & Wellness Steering Committee. Could you tell us about your motivation to drive health and wellness?

I am happy to join the CGF’s Health & Wellness Steering Committee, because at McCormick, we also champion the well-being of both our communities and our employees, through our products and programs. We are committed to improving the livelihoods of our farming communities including improved health and nutrition. We’re also committed to making our company a healthy and thriving workplace for employees. We offer health-related rewards and discounts for our employees globally and our health and wellness center in Maryland offers health services, on-site exercise options and healthy eating classes. From our farmers and employees all the way to our consumers, we make health and wellness a priority.

Why do you think collaboration is important?

The food industry is going through a significant change as it adapts to a fast-evolving consumer landscape. I believe there is a lot of value in different companies working together and collaborating to face these challenges affecting our industry.

Why it matters for your company?

At McCormick, collaboration is imperative to drive our success. It’s a central tenant to two of our brand principles: ‘Driven to Innovate’ and ‘Power of People’. ‘Driven to Innovate’ guides our constant reinvention of the business and embraces new ways of thinking and working. Through the ‘Power of People’, we embrace the contributions from each and every employee. The collaboration of diverse people, ideas, brands and geographies help us to bring new flavours to life every day. 

Why is it important for you to be part of this team personally?

I am happy to embrace the growing focus on health and wellness. At McCormick, we are very excited about the prospect of sharing our insights and data on consumer preferences and palettes with The Consumer Goods Forum Health & Wellness Steering Committee. We strongly believe in the CGF’s mission to make consumers’ lives better through better business. We want to fully engage in a dialogue on operational issues affecting all consumer good businesses, and we admire CGF’s commitment to non-competitiveness to improve global processes.

What do you hope to achieve as a team?

As a member of the Health & Wellness Steering Committee, we are excited to participate together with executives from a variety of companies to drive the industry forward and to implement best practices along the value chain.

How would you describe health & wellness at McCormick?

At McCormick, health and wellness means putting the wellbeing and happiness of our customers, team members, business partners, producers, plant workers, and everyone in between first. In addition to the points above and on a more granular level, health and wellness means encouraging our customers to swap salt and sugar for healthier options. Using all-natural and high-quality ingredients, with products like our Herbs & Spices line, you can see that McCormick puts the focus on health and freshness without sacrificing boldness of flavour.

This post was written by our Health & Wellness team, with the support of:

Jeremy Shute
VP Corporate Strategy