Marcus’ appointment is a key step in the Health & Wellness Pillar’s ongoing strategy to empower healthier consumers globally, drive positive change and raise awareness across the industry. In this interview, Marcus shares his thoughts on joining this global movement towards empowering healthier lives, his goals for the Health & Wellness Pillar, and the critical role that collaboration plays in achieving success.

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) is delighted to welcome Marcus Osborne as the newest retailer Co-Chair of the Health & Wellness Pillar. Currently serving as Vice President Walmart Health, Marcus’ role is focused on furthering Walmart’s stated goal of improving the US healthcare industry by increasing access to affordable healthcare services solutions to all Americans. Joining the CGF in September, Marcus replaces outgoing Co-Chair, Alex Hurd, and joins manufacturer Co-Chair, Isabelle Grosmaître, Danone.


How did you get involved with the CGF’s Health & Wellness Pillar?

Marcus: I’ve actually been involved indirectly with the Pillar and its efforts for a while. Alex Hurd, the previous Co-Chair, was part of the team I led at Walmart, and so I got first hand exposure to the work CGF was doing around health and wellness.


What are your goals for the Health & Wellness Pillar?

Marcus: My goal is generally this – to get this collaboration of retailers and CPG firms to recognise they have a significant role to play in enabling consumers around the globe to live healthier lives. The reality is that healthcare is a top concern amongst consumers globally – and in many countries is the number one concern. It isn’t enough to put the challenge of improving the health of consumers on the government or on the healthcare sectors. Retailers and CPG firms are in a unique position to drive change in a way that is also sustainable and delivers strong business results.


What are you looking forward to the most?

Marcus: For me it’s simple – I’m looking forward to seeing the Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) work across all the regions support the development of programmes that will be sustainable and drive real impact around empowering healthy consumers.


The Health & Wellness Pillar recently held its bi-annual Steering Committee Meeting in Berlin in October. What are your key takeaways from that meeting?

Marcus: I had two takeaways from the Berlin meeting. First, that the commitment of the retailers and CPG firms that are participating in the work of the Health & Wellness Pillar and CHL is unbelievably strong. And second, the work already happening around the globe is really compelling and is showing great progress. It feels like things are on the right track. We just need to continue to work together to drive to sustainability and scale.


Why is collaboration so critical in empowering consumers to live healthier lives?

Marcus: The collaboration is critical simply because it isn’t possible for one company or organisation to deliver the change that is necessary. It does require retailers and CPG firms working together in unique and innovative ways to actually have an impact on the health of consumers/families.

This CGF interview was conducted with:

Marcus Osborne, Vice President Walmart Health

CGF Health & Wellness Co-Chair