Globally, our commitment to families is focused on developing an investigational vaccine and identifying therapies for COVID-19, supporting frontline healthcare workers, taking action to support health equity, and caring for our employees.

Johnson & Johnson has been actively engaged in fighting pandemics for over a century. We have done it before, and we will do it again. With our global reach comes a responsibility and unique ability to leverage our deep scientific expertise and extensive partnerships to take on this challenge. Our more than 130,000 employees around the world are mobilising themselves with urgency to address the critical needs of families, communities, and healthcare providers working towards mitigating and ultimately ending the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Business of Consumer Health

Our business is committed to blend heart, science, and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity, with solutions rooted in science and endorsed by professionals. When consumers choose our brands, they choose a healthier today and a healthier tomorrow. We understand that people’s health is linked to the health of the planet, so we have set ambitious goals to deliver greater benefits for people, communities, and our planet.

We partner with health care professionals, consumers, retailers, and suppliers to promote healthy habits and improve human health by providing education and transparency, encouraging prevention to tackle health issues, and inspiring society to do good. One of these partnerships is our involvement with The Consumer Goods Forum’s Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) Coalition in Mexico.

In 2019, the CHL México Ponte Bien initiative provided healthy lifestyle education through three communication pillars: nutrition, active life, and healthy habits. We executed a campaign in 22 Walmart stores with educational stands delivering more than 10K brochures. In 2020 we focused on digital marketing to amplify our messages. We created strong educational resources on the new México Ponte Bien webpage, in addition to sharing tips through social media. Leading up to November, we reached more than 80K consumers and we are growing by approximately 20% each month.

We continually strive to care with purpose, by promoting healthy habits for our consumers and their loved ones.

Connecting Mothers and Fathers With Specialists

Now more than ever, it is extremely important to share our knowledge with healthcare professionals. That’s why we strengthened our educational programs providing virtual sessions with healthcare providers. We connected consumers to healthcare professionals such as paediatricians, therapists, yoga instructors and food experts, to help them calm their fears, answer their questions, and manage through the pandemic while they take care of their children.

We strengthen Mamás al Rescate, our community for mothers, fathers and caregivers, by sharing our response to COVID-19 and driving positive conversations.

Giving Recognition and Caring for Nurses and Communities

We have a long legacy of supporting the nursing community. We recognise that, in addition to the invaluable know-how they offer, nurses also have another skill that often goes unnoticed: the most authentic ability to heal and care for others. But they also need to feel cared for. In 2020, we partnered with the Dr. Payaso Association, sending over 5,000 care products kits to 7 hospitals and clinics. We also invited the community to join and engage in the initiative, where they nominated 2,000 additional nurses through our digital platforms.

Responding to our commitment with the communities, we partnered with different associations to donate cash, products, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Taking Care of Our Employees

We provided our employees with tools to fulfill their personal needs, while taking care of their physical and mental health when working from home. We established safety protocols and provided PPE for employees in field and manufacturing sites, extended our flexible work policies to help them navigate the complexity of working from home, gave paid leave to employees who volunteered to help during the crisis, provided virtual mental health, resilience and exercise sessions, amplified the benefits of our Reimbursement for Exercise Program, and gave days off to recharge and reconnect.

Yes, we help people care for themselves and others, helping them to live their healthiest lives. This is at the heart of what we do. Because Johnson & Johnson was truly built for times like this.

This blog was written and contributed by:

Leonardo Curado

General Manager
J&J Consumer Health LATAM North