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In this instance, for example, we have been working together to develop a unique over-the-counter destination for persons with diabetes. This new set brings together products across several categories. Everything from glucose monitors to snacks to diabetic foot cream can be found in this new set, and it’s divided into three sections:
  1. “Monitor” – blood glucose monitors, lancets, test strip pull cards, glucose tablets and pill boxes, etc;
  2. “Manage” – nutritional items such as meal replacement bars/shakes, and healthy snacks for diabetics like nuts and fruit products; and
  3. “Care” – OTC items specifically designed for diabetics like sugar free cough syrup, cough drops, creams and lotions, etc.


We created the set with input from merchandising teams, clinical pharmacists and nutritionists and this multi-disciplinary collaboration resulted in a creative assortment of products that meets the various needs of diabetic customers. By bringing together experts from various fields, we were able to benefit our customers in a way we would not have been able to do otherwise.

We believe this new set will be a great tool for our pharmacists that they can use in consultations with diabetic patients. Whether the patient needs a cough syrup, has questions about snacks, needs alcohol swabs, Ahold’s specially-trained Diabetes Care Pharmacists will have one place to take them to. Our collaborations means this new set is able to fit perfectly with Ahold’s initiative to better position itself to serve its customers with diabetes.

This combined collaboration and team effort to focus on providing solutions for our customers and consumers is great to see. Diabetes is a complicated disease state; people have questions, and this new set provides an approachable way for Ahold’s pharmacists, nutritionists, and customers to have the dialog on managing their diabetes.

We very much appreciate this collaborative approach and way of working, and we will continue to work with our peers through organizations like the CGF to help empower consumers around the world to make more informed choices and to live healthier diets and lifestyles.

This post was co-written and contributed by:
Raymond McCall, SVP, Health & Household, Ahold USA; and
Geoffrey A. Betrus, Sr. Director, Retail Health & Shopper, Johnson & Johnson