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At Johnson & Johnson our credo challenges us to put the needs and well-being of the people we serve first. In my 26 years with J&J I have never seen that focus waiver and more than ever across the J&J enterprise I have seen an intense focus on helping people everywhere live longer, healthier, happier lives.

In my current role, our team is bringing Johnson & Johnson enterprise assets and solutions together to engage the consumer, retail customers, hospitals, health systems and payers. We are partnering to provide thought leadership, market insights & innovation to tackle some of health care’s biggest challenges, such as outcomes, value and access to care. We operate with the understanding that to change the trajectory of human health it will not only require partnership, but a long-term commitment that is focused more on measuring health outcomes and less on quarterly results.

When I was invited to participate a pilot program in Hagerstown MD called the ‘One for Good’ initiative in partnership with Healthy Washington County, I quickly realized the initiative was an amazing opportunity to improve community health. The collaboration includes a diverse set of like-minded CGF member retailers and suppliers that are not focused on competing, but on improving healthy behaviors and outcomes. I am inspired by the opportunity to collectively uncover improved ways of engaging consumers to help them better navigate their personal health & wellness journey, whether they are currently healthy or struggling with an illness or chronic condition.

According to the CDC Chronic diseases and conditions – such as heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes are among the most common, costly and preventable of all health problems. In Hagerstown, MD we have been partnering to help consumers manage their chronic conditions, such as diabetes by providing guidance and easy to navigate care solutions from pharmacy to center of store.

We are partnering to encourage healthy behaviors in the Hagerstown community as well, such as exercise and daily use of sun protection. At recent Hagerstown health fairs, we participated by conducting live Johnson & Johnson Health & Wellness Solutions and 7 Minute Workout demonstrations that included tip cards and APP download instructions. Additionally, we provided access to facial skin analysis and provided educational material on skin health & sun protection.

There are various ways we are partnering to create innovative solutions to help eliminate some of the stress along the health & wellness journey. For example, when it comes to health & wellness journeys one of the most difficult is the one that not only includes caring for yourself, but caring for others. There are roughly 40 Million unpaid caregivers in U.S. and within the next 5 years 50% of adults expect to be providing care to a loved one. We are working to help caregivers not only provide care, but find time to care for themselves.

Partnerships and collaboration has led to amazing breakthrough innovations in healthcare and I believe the Collaboration for Healthier Lives’ presents a great opportunity to bring a diverse set of assets and expertise together to create breakthrough consumer/patient centric health and wellness solutions. Through this purpose driven partnership, I am hopeful that we can influence improved community health, including healthier mom’s, babies and families with fewer incidences of chronic illness.

Matt Davison
Sr. Manager of Retail Health & Wellness
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.