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consultingcheck is an innovative consulting platform making relevant best practice management expertise and orientation accessible to business practicioners in an automated dialogue – cost-free and without any barriers. Users are getting relevant first-level support by the application, can benefit from second-level support via personal calls and are linked to specialised experts for third-level support and implementation.

consultingcheck seeks to contribute to a better business quality and to more business efficiency.

Showcase Highlights

The core of consultingcheck is a digitalised, interactive management consulting application that supports the following phases of the consulting/sparring process:

  • – An introductary dialogue to acknowledge what the user wants to do; sharpening a precise topic or a user’s challenge (“diagnosis”)
  • – A systematic approach to components for a solution (“impulses”)
  • – A recommendation of effective measurements (“first-level therapy recommendation”); output in text and audio format
  • – Practical applications, usefull checklists, tools and literature supporting the implementation of the recommended measurements (“therapy assessment”)
  • – The offer of a brief telephone call (“second-level support for sparring/briefing”)
  • – Context-related intermediation to relevant experts and product suppliers (“transfer to specialists for third-level support”)
  • – Exchange platforms (company exchange, job exchange, machine exchange)

Why It’s Important

consultingcheck-english-websiteThe classic consulting model is based on invoicing daily fees that are even applied for access to off-the-rack, basic management know-how. Most middle-managers lack orientation as they do not have access to such information. Consultingcheck addresses this by democratising management skills and revolutionising the consulting market.

The pilot consists of a basic digitalised consulting process. consultingcheck can only become successful if users’ expectations are fulfilled. Therefore, the objective is to sharpen and to verify our assumptions regarding the users’ expectations by puting the pilot at their disposition and carefully listening to their feedback.

How to Benefit

Companies who want to support consultingcheck are invited to sponsoring this innovative approach and becoming key development partners.

  1. You can become long-term development partner of consultingcheck
    Your contribution: Sparring input for a market-orientated development and 12k EUR annual financial contribution, for a period of at least three years
  1. You can sponsor the creation and the ongoing development of a vertical industry subset
    Your contribution: conceptual collaboration, relevant content input and 12k EUR annual financial contribution for a period of at least two years
  1. You can also sponsor the realisation of a further language version (translation, audio generation and technical implementation)
    Your contribution: Adding market-specific content and 20k EUR financial contribution (one-off)
  1. You can also sponsor the content enrichment of consultingcheck by opening the development to experts’ contributions (Wikipedia principle).
    Your contribution: 20k EUR financial contribution (one-off)

Your advantages: As a key development partner, you will be able to co-shape an innovative management platform and you will be mentioned as a sponsor at a prominent place on the consultingcheck website and in offline communications.

Meet the Team

consultingcheck has been initiated by Dr. Werner Boysen, management consultant and interim manager in industrial environments. The pilot has been realized by Janosch Skrobek and the graphical layout has been created by the multimedia agency forty-four who will care for the online marketing as well. Priska Jones is supporting consultingcheck with PR.

How You Can Support

Piloters can contact us to benefit. Piloters will benefit from being the first to gain access to the management skills offered by consultingcheck.

Piloters supplying constructive feedback are granted the advertisement (online banner or online announcement) on consultingcheck for 12 months.

    To Learn More Information, Please Contact:

    Dr Werner Boysen
    +49-178-464 03 12